Nearest Towns:

Kuttippuram, Kumily, Bekaal.

Location info: India-->Kerala-->Palakkad District-->Nelliampathy

Distances: 52 kms from Palakkad, Kerala.
Camping Sites: Base camp at Kaikatty and Forest department’s guest houses.
Trek Length: 500 meters to 1600 meters and Area 82 sq. kms

Route Info:

NH7 and NH47 from Bangalore via Hosur then via the coimbatore bypass onto palakkad and to nenmara which is the base of the hill on which Nelliyampathy sites

Best Time To Visit:

August to April.

Worst Time To Visit:

Difficulty Level:



Nelliampathy hill station is located in Nelliampathy, Palakkad district.Nelliyampathy in South India is at an approximate distance of 52 kilometers from Palakkad. Nelliyampathy’s hilly terrain and thick forest provides immense opportunities for trekkers. As most of the hills have a height ranging from 500 meters to 1600 meters, they provide tremendous potentials for trekkers to explore the terrain and forests. Padagiri peak is an excellent place for trekking.There is a base camp at Kaikatty where trekking and camping facilities are provided. Forest department’s guest houses also provide trekking facilities and local guides for accompanying the trekkers. Nelliyampathy is an exotic place with lush green and fertile vegetation, misty hills and charismatic blooms that gives a combined vacation of relaxation and attraction. Nelliyampathy hills are a place that gives you the best relaxation as well as refreshing vacations.
total area of more than eighty-two sq. km., its summit reaches 1572 metres. Topography of Nelliyampathy is such that it has the capability to captivate one`s mind. Nelliyampathy has a cluster of ridges interspersed by vistas of valleys, dense forests of evergreen trees and orange plantations. To access this dreamy hill resort, one has to move zigzag through dozen narrow bendings on the Ghat road.Mountain mists, cool winds, sounds of the forest, smell of the earth, a simple people and lots and lots of greenery - Nelliyampathy has all this and more.

The blend of aroma of coffee, tea and spices are a delight of this hill station luring the tourists to stay around and enjoy the direct aroma wafting through the air.During the trekking trials tourist can enjoy the flora and fauna of Nelliyampathy forests and also have an opportunity to watch wildlife and birds.And this rich greenery is intermittently dotted with numerous big and small waterfalls. Ofthese wonderful waterfalls, the one at Seethakundu is major attraction.En route is an ideal stopover at the Pothundi Reservoir. Pothundi is formed across the beautiful tributaries of the Ayalar River, namely Meenchadyppuzha and Padippuzha .It is located nearly seventeen km from Palghat, noted for its exotic locales and ambiance.Accommodation in NelliyampathyInflux of tourists in Nelliyampathy is rightly being managed by a multitude of hotels that have sprung up here. Greenland Resort, Nelliyampathy and Itl Resort deserve special mention.

Things To Look for:

The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary:

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary TravelSprawling over 285 sq.kms, this neighbouring sanctrary shelters the largest population of wild Gaur ( Bison) The Cannimare Teak Tree, said to be the largest in the Asian continent towers roughly 5kms away from Thunakadavu-the headquarters of Parambikulam.


Malampuzha has an aerial ropeway across the garden, a telescope tower, boating and fishing facilities, a swimming pool, fresh water aquarium and a snake park. Fantasy Park is a good spot for children. At Dhoni you can go on a 3-hour trek from the base of Dhoni Hills to the waterfall at the reserve forest area.

Jungles of Sahya Ranges:

These Sahya Ranges are famous for its evergreen forests.


Nelliyampathy has the highest peak at Nellikotta which is also called Padagiri. The hills dipped in the pristine beauty of nature are sprinkled with picturesque tea, coffee, cardamom, vegetable and orange plantations. The hills of Nelliyampathy are a delight to adventure lovers and trekkers.


Seethakundu offers a fantastic view of the valley below-a wide angled panoramic picture of about one third of Palakkad, as beautiful as the green Valleys of Kodaikkanal.

Nemmara Vela:

This ancient festival that is much awaited by the people of Nemmara and Valanghi, the famous "Nemmara Vallanghi vela", falls on the 20th day of “Meenam” in the Malayalam month (2nd or 3rd of April, every year).

Things To Be Aware Of:

Beware of leeches, carry common salt,slippery grounds underneath your feet,touts and scams


Important Phone Numbers :

Department of Tourism
Government of Kerala Park View,
Kerala 695 033
Phone: +91-471-2321132
Fax: +91-471-2322279


Need Permission from the forest department.

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