The Silent Valley National Park is located 40 km from Mannarkkad in the Kundali Hills of Western Ghats, Palakkad District, the Silent Valley National Valley though smaller than other National Parks, is unique for a horde of reasons. The park is home to rare kinds of herbs, plants and species. The Silent Valley Park besides having a sylvan climate has many high altitude peaks and numerous rivers running through it. The Silent Valley is considered to be the last pristine region of tropical evergreen forest in India and is an area rich in biodiversity. The lush tropical greenery, undulating slopes, hills and rivers make the Silent Valley National Park a beautiful wildlife tourism destination in Kerala, India.The park is also known for the rare and unique herbs and plants that grow here, as well as the wildlife found in the Silent Valley, which include elephants, tigers and lion-tailed macaque. The local name for the park is Sairandhrivanam (the forest in the valley) which is also the last representative of tropical evergreen forests in India. The park which is remote has difficult terrain and is surrounded with Attappadi Reserve Forests in the east, and vested forests of the Palghat and Nilambur divisions in the west and south. In the North, the park is an extension of the Nilgiri Forests. The park which has never had human habitation is in the core area of the Nilgiri BiosphereReserve.

The Kerala Silent Valley wildlife sanctuary has got its name due to the absence of the noisy cicadas. The Silent Valley Park is rich in flora and fauna and is home to many animals and birds. The tropical greenery and streams of rivers make this place a haven for the life forms here. The park has many unique and rare herbs and plants that have medicinal value.The Silent Valley National Park has an amazing range of wildlife ranging from wild tigers and mammals to South Indian Peninsula, such as, the Nilgiri Langur, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Lion- Tailed Macaque, Flying Squirrel and Civet Cat. The Silent Valley National Park is famous for Butterflies. Over 100 species of butterflies and 400 species of moths and other fauna like the Ceylon Frog Moth, Great Indian Hornbill and the Nilgiri Laughing Thrush are found here. The best time to visit Silent Valley is from September to March, during the pleasant winter. In the Silent Valley you would notice a wide range of peninsular mammals, 100 different species of butterflies, and also multiple varieties of rare birds. Often during the winters, Migratory birds come here. They are the most unique specimens and attract our attention. An interesting feature is the very old trees in the park. You will be amazed at the sheer size of the massive hollow tree, which can hide at least 12 people in it! Untouched by Man, The park has never had human habitation in the core area of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the Valley with its rainforest that probably dates back to 50 million years lends a mystical charm to the Park. Scientists value the rich biodiversity of this place and take pains to keep it this way.

HornbillAbout 40 species of mammals are found, including nineteen amphibians, and numerous insects and tiny animals. Several endangered bat species are found here. Elephants, tigers, macaques, flying squirrels, hornbills, sunbirds and birdwings can be found in the premises of Silent Valley National Park. Other species include Asian Elephant, Nilgiri Tahr, Tiger, Wild Dog (Dhole), Nilgiri Marten, Rusty Spotted Cat, Small Indian Civet, Striped-necked Mongoose, Brown Mongoose, Lion-tailed Macaque, Slender Loris, Large Brown Flying Squirrel, Grizzled Giant Squirrel, and Mouse deer etc.The Silent Valley National Park has a mixture of varied wild habitats. The lush, thick tropical evergreen forests, subtropical hill forests, `sholas` and grassy lands, prevalent in the western part of Kuntipuzha and also the high ranges of the eastern parts are a home of numerous species. There are almost 1,000 species of flowering plants and the Aeginetia is a significant one.

Location info:

Address: Kundali hills, Palakkad, Kerala, India.
District: Palakkad District.
Nearest City: Coimbatore,Pollachi, Dindigul and Madurai.
Best time to visit: December to April.


Climate Generally warm and humid. The weather temparature Summers: 36°-20°; Winters: 16°-32°C.



There are two legends behind this park, Silent Valley has a very eventful history in comparison to the other wildlife parks in the country. The local name for the park is Sairandhrivanam (the forest in the valley) and had been a centre of hot debates and protests in the decades of the 70's and 80's of the 20th century. The history of the park goes way back to 1888 when the region was declared a reserved land under the Forest Act and later notified as a Reserved Forest by the Government of Madras in 1914.

And another one is According to hindu legend, That is the area is locally known as "Sairandhrivanam" literally, in Malayalam: Sairandhri's Valley. In local Hindu legend, Sairandhri is Draupadi, the polyandrous wife of the five Pandavas, who disguised herself as Sairandhri, queen Sudeshna's assistant, while they were in exile.[4] The Pandavas, deprived of their kingdom, set out on a 13-year exile. They wandered south, into what is now Kerala, until one day they came upon a magical valley where rolling grasslands met wooded ravines, a deep green river bubbled its course through impenetrable forest, where at dawn and twilight the tiger and elephant would drink together at the water's edge, where all was harmonious and man unknown. Beside that river, in a cave on a hill slope, the Pandavas halted.

Interesting things to do:

Watch Beautifull scenaries , Tress, Flowers, noisy cicadas, varieties of Butterfly's, Asian Elephant, Nilgiri Tahr, Tiger, Wild Dog (Dhole), Nilgiri Marten, Rusty Spotted Cat, Small Indian Civet, Striped-necked Mongoose, Brown Mongoose, Lion-tailed Macaque, Slender Loris, Large Brown Flying Squirrel, Grizzled Giant Squirrel, and Mouse deer etc.

Interesting things to Visit:


Attappady is a beautiful synthesis of mountains, rivers and forests, Attappady is of great interest to anthropologists. This is the habitat of many tribals like the lrulars and Mudugas. The Malleeswaram peak is worshipped as a gigantic Siva linga by the Adivasis who also celebrate the Sivarathri festival with ferour.


The Peruvannamuzhi dam site set amid hills is a beautiful picnic spot. The reservoir here provides facilities for speed boat and row boat cruises. Uninhabited islands a bird sanctuary and a crocodile farm to the charm of the place.


Tusharagiri is Famous for its trekking tracks, Tusharagiri, is located near Vythiri in Wayanad. Treakkers start early in the morning grom the second waterfall at Tusharagiri and climb uphill through the pristine, evergreen dense dorests populated with exotic birds and wild animals to reach Vythiri by evening.


Malampuzha has an aerial ropeway across the garden, a telescope tower, boating and fishing facilities, a swimming pool, fresh water aquarium and a snake park. Fantasy Park is a good spot for children. At Dhoni you can go on a 3-hour trek from the base of Dhoni Hills to the waterfall at the reserve forest area.

Dhoni Hills:

The site can be reached after a fairly long climb of 3 hours from the base of the Dhoni Hills. Dhoni provides trekkers the opportunity to explore its hilly terrains.Its lush green surroundings are a pleasure to watch. Dhoni is also famous for its farmhouse, harbouring hundreds of cattle of Swiss variety.


Sholayar stands at the topmost area at Attappady. It is located at a distance of 25 Km from Anakatty. The place has amazing cold weather with sprinkling Natural beauty. The place boosts of some of the best Coffee and tea estates which looks awesome from distance.

Chulannur Peacock Protection Centre:

Mailadumpara, in Chulannur situated 22 kms away from Palakkad town and 5 kms from Peringothukrish, is also famed. It is here the peacock protection center is located. Kunjan Nambiar Smrudhi forest is also here.

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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:

Olavakkode Railway Station

Nearest Airport:

Nearest airport is Coimbatore (55km) in Tamilnadu. Kochi airport (160 km) and Kozhikode (130 km) are nearest airports in Kerala.

Road Transport:

Mannarghat (32 km from the Silent Valley National Park). Mannarghat is the nearest important township from where one can get buses to all the places in the region like Palghat, Coimbatore and others. There are frequent buses from Palghat to the Silent Valley National Park. Buses are also available from Coimbatore to the park.

Nearest Visiting places:

Thiruvalathoor Bhagavathy Temple.

The temple is located 10 kilometer from Palakkad at the Chittoor-Kodumbu road. This ancient temple is well decorated with fine wood works and stone sculptures. It is one of the 108 Durga temples in the country. The temple remains unfinished. The annual festival falls at January, which lasts 10 days. Another attraction in the temple is the Mizhavu (a musical instrument), and it is observed as the largest in Kerala.

Palakkad Fort:

Palakkad Fort was built by Hyder Ali, the mighty ruler of Mysore, in the year 1766 A.D. The fort was primarily built to speed up the communication between Coimbatore and the West Coast. The region, during those days had a great strategic importance. The fort however fell into the hands of British Empire in the year 1784 after a siege that lasted 11 days. With the Zamorin's capture of the fort, the dispute and the battle was not meant to end there. The British recaptured the fort in the year 1790 A.D. and with that established their stronghold in the region. Palakkad Fort, at present, is looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Walayar Dam:

It is located about 25 kilometers from Palkkad town in the Kerala Tamilnadu border. The dam is meant for irrigation purpose. There is a deer Park located 3 kilometers from Walayar.


Kalpathi is the most famous 'Agraharam'(Street occupied by Brahmins) in Palakkad and one of the 18 Agraharams(Brahmin residing streets) in the state. The famous Sri Visalakshi Sametha Sri Viswanatha Swamy temple is here where the famous ‘Ratholsavam’ (temple car festival) takes place. Kalpathy is located 3 kilometer from Palakkad.

Olappamanna Mana:

Olappamanna is the family name of a feudal lords, belongs to the Namboothiri category. They are the reputed patrons of Kathakali and it is believed that Kathakali originated here. The ‘mana’ (ancestral house) lies at Vellinezhi (Which is known as Kathakali village) near Chepulassery.


Thrithala is the place where Agnihotri (The eldest son of Vararuchi) conducted 99 yagnas and made Indra (King of Gods) envious. The Agnihotri ellam draws visitors. The village lies 8 kilometer far from Pattambi at the Pattambi-Kuttippuram road in the Ottapalam taluk. The Siva temple here is believed to be built around 10th century is a good example of the Chol-Pandya style of Architecture. The presiding deity here is Siva and deity here known as ‘Thalathilappan'.


Siruvani is located at a distance of 25 Km from west of Coimbatore which is near Mannarkkad at Ittakurissi. The main places of attraction here are the famous dam and the forest areas.

The Jain Temple of Jainimedu:

The historic granite temple in the suburbs of Palakkad town displays the images of the Jain Thirthankaras and the Yakshinis. Jainimedu, the region around the temple, is one of the few places in kerala where the vestiges of Jainisim have survived. Poet Kumaranasan wrote his masterpiece Veenapoovu ( the Fallen flower) at a Jain house here.

Malampuzha Garden:

This famous picnic spot which comprises a dam and beautifully landscaped gardens, is situated on the lower hills of the Western Ghats. There are frequent buses to the garden from Palakkad. Attractions: The garden: Green Lawns. Well laid-out flower beds Pools, fountains and pathways.


This is 15 km via Poodur from Palakkad - This village is the native place of the late Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar, the doyen of Carnatic music.


19 km south of Palakkad - Kollengode ( the abode of blacksmiths) enshrines the pristine beauty of rural Palakkad. The Kollengode Palace, the Vishnu Temple and the Poet P.Kunhiraman Nair Memorial are worth visiting. Seethakundu and Govindamalai hills nearby are ideal for trekking.


Meenkara is situated at a distance of 32 Km south east from Palakkad. The famous 'Meenkara' dam and lovely lake attracts lots of tourist attention specialkly for the people who are true nature lovers. You can enjoy your time sitting at nearby Fish ponds having varieties of fishes.

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IBP Petrol Bunk
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palakkad, Kerala.

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Palakkad, Kerala.

Balaji Fuels
Chandranagar, Palakkad
Kerala 678007
Tel: 0491 2571793.

Petrol Pump
Palakkad Road, Kovai Pudur
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.


Hotel Sinclairs
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Tel: 022 66181940.

Fortune Hotel Sullivan Court
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Hotel Lakeview
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Hotel Silent Valley
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Hotel Lakeview
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Police Station:

Police Station
Narashimapuram Police Station
Narashimapuram, Palakkad main road
CoimbatoreTamil Nadu.

Police Station
Mannarkkad, Palakkad, Kerala

Wadakanchery police station
Wadackanchery, Thrissur
Kerala- 04884 233100

Nearest Hospital:

Lakshmi Nursing Home
Palakkad, Kerala.

Hosephiinr Memmorial Hospital
Palakkad-815160, kerala.

Madhavi Amma Hospital
Sultanpet, Palakkad

Kerala Nursing Home
Court Road, Palakkad, Kerala

Thankam Hospital
Palakkad, Kerala

Trinity Eye Hospital
Stadium Byepass Road,
Palakkad, Kerala.

Mannarkad homoeo medical centre
jj complex, old statebank building
t.s junction,, main road, mannarkkad
palakkad dt, Kerala 678582
Tel: 09447630668.

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Fantasy Park
Malampuzha Dam located in the lap of the majestic mountain ranges of the Western Ghats is already an established tourist destination in Kerala. Unlike other destinations Malampuzha offers a multitude of attraction to all categories. The recently spruced up Malampuzha Garden, Snake Park, Aquarium, Rock Garden, Rope Way etc. give to the visitors a mix of thrills. In the midst of the stifling heat of Palakkad, Fantasy Park welcomes all to a cool experience in its Water World.Covering an area of 15 acres, this amusement park is located in Malampuzha, which is just 10 km away from Palakkad town.Fantasy Park is located close to the Malampuzha Gardens.....more
Palakkad City
Palakkad city is the headquarters of the Palakkad district of Kerala.Palakkad is a city in the central part of the state of Kerala in India. This city is a landlocked city even though it is in the coastal state of India, Kerala. It is a quaint town, which fosters small trade and is home to people, who live traditional lives, revel in their history and keep the refinement of their culture alive. This beautiful city sits in the foot of the Western Ghats and one prominent factor of this city is that it is the doorway of coming to the State of Kerala from the north of the state. Hence, it is also known as the gateway of the state......more
Chulliyar Dam
Chulliyar Dam is a charming spot for the tourists and is situated in Muthalamada panchayat in Palakkad. This dam was build across the tributary of Gayathripuzha River in 1960. The dam offers a superb view of Nelliyampathy Hills. This point offers an excellent view of mighty hills. The Chulliar dam is a masonry gravity dam for a length of 555 m and Zonal type earthen dam for 1200 m. The maximum height of the dam is 30.50m and the capacity of the reservoir is 13 .70 Mm3. The water-spread area. is 165 sq.km at FRL and the catchment area is 27.80 sq.km. The ayacut of the project is 2430 Ha. The main source of water for both reservoirs are mainly from rain during the South-west and North-east monsoon.....more
Kanjhirapuzha Kulumavu Dam
Kanjirapuzha dam is situated 13 Km. away from Mannarghat, Palakkad District of Kerala. The dam is constructed across the river Siruvani .An evergreen forest named Vettilachola is immediately beyond the reservoir. Three islands in the reservoir gain a special attraction. These islands are abundant with marine life including commercial varieties grown by the fisheries department. The water spread of the dam lies in a single stretch.An evergreen forest named Vettilachola is immediately beyond the reservoir. Three islands in the reservoir gain a special attraction. These islands are abundant with marine life including commercial varieties grown by the fisheries department.'Vettilachola', provides the backdrop to a lake surrounded by hillocks.....more
Malampuzha Dam
Malampuzha Dam is Located near 12 km Palakkad, the largest reservoir of Kerela, Malampuzha Dam is one of the tourist attraction spots of the state. The Dam is surrounded with the scenic hills of the Western Ghats in the background. The Malampuzha Dam is an arrangement of a masonry dam, which is 1,849 metres long and an earthen dam that is 220 metres long. The height of the dam is 6,066 feet and crosses the Malampuzha River, which is a tributary of Kerela`s longest river - Bharathappuzha. Extensive networks of two canal systems serve the dam`s reservoir of 42,090 hectares. Work on the Malampuzha Dam was begun in 1949. Six years later it was completed and dedicated in 1955.....more
Mangalam Dam
Mangalam Dam is in the Alathur taluk of Palakkad district in Kerala in south India, and it is constructed on the river Cherukunnapuzha, a tributary of the river Mangalam. A popular picnic site, The Mangalam Dam is located south of Palakkad town. The construction of the scenic dam was completed in the year 1956.The reservoir fringes on the forest area teeming with wildlife like deer, elephants and a variety of birds. The entire area is quite fascinating with beautiful parks, lawns and statues. Mangalam Dam, KeralaStanding across the Cherukunnapuzha River, the Mangalam dam was initially build for the purpose of providing irrigational water in the region. Cherukunnapuzha River is a tributary of Mangalam River.....more
Meenkara Dam
Meenkara is a tourist destination located in Palakkad District of Kerala. It is about 32 km south-east of Palakkad. The prime attraction is the Meenkara Dam constructed across the Meenkara River - a sub tributary of Gayathripuzha, which flows into the Bharathapuzha. A garden and a fish farm add beauty to this place.Meenkara is an ideal picnic spot for one day picnickers. Meenkara can be approached easily from Palakkad Bus Station. Palakkad Town Railway Station and Palakkad Junction Railway Station are the convenient railway stations.....more
Parambikulam Dam
Parambikulam Dam is designed as an embankment dam on the Parambikulam River, included in the Udumalaipettai, Palakkad district, Kerala in the Western Ghats of Kerala, India. . Parambikulam Dam is known as one of the finest dams in India as well as one of the best dams in the world in volume capacity as recorded in the year 2000.The Parambikulam Dam is a part of Parambikulam Aliyar Project. In 2004, Kerala did not receive any water until February. Thus paddy in thousands of acres in Chittur taluk dried.....more
Pothundi Dam
The Pothundi Dam is situated at a distance of about 42 kilometers from Palakkad and at a distance of 8 kilometers from Nemmara along the route to Nelliyampathy.. The Pothundi Damwas constructed with the aim of providing water for irrigation to the district of Palakkad in the state of Kerala. In the 19th century, the Pothundi Dam was built in the Indian state of Kerala. The design of the dam constructed at that time was much ahead of its contemporaries. The construction of the dam was made without using a traditional concrete core. The traditional concrete core was used in the construction of most of the dams in order to counter the force applied by huge water pressure.....more
Siruvani Dam
Siruvani Dam site is about 48 Kms from Palakkad is also almost equi-distant from Coimbatore city. Journey to Siruvani through the winding road is thrilling. It is surrounded by thick forest having all sorts of wild animals.The water of Siruvani river is known for its tasty water,and it is typically known to be the second sweetest lake water in the world.It is one of the main water source of Coimbatore city. The Panoramic View of the dam and the falls is enchanting with beauty.Enclosed with lush green trees and beautiful rivulets of waters flowing all around. Sadivayal Checkpost is the gateway to the waterfalls. An entry fee for every person to enter is charged in this place.....more
Walayar Dam
Walayar Dam is situated about walayar , Palakkad, close to limits of Kerala and Tamilnadu. Walayar Dam was built in 1964. The dam site is perfect for family vacations and the nearest airport is Coimbatore Airport. Walayar has its own railhead nearby. Loknayak J P Smrithivanam and Deer Park is the close by attraction of Walayar Dam. Walayar Dam stands across the Walayar River - a tributary of Kalpathipuzha River. This dam belongs to the Palakkad district of Kerala in South India. The waters of the Walayar Dam happen to be the major source of irrigation in the region. Several industries have grown in the vicinity depending upon the water source to be Walayar Dam.....more
Palakkad Fort
Palakkad Fort is situated in Palakkad town, Palakkad district, Kerala.Palakkad Fort is one of the best preserved Forts in Kerala, was built by Mysore's Haider Ali in 1766 AD. In 1790, the Fort was taken over and renovated by the British.Palakkad (Palghat) Fort or Tippu's Fort is an imposing fort situated in an area of 15 acres, on the western border of Palakkad town, in the state of Kerala. A protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India, this is one of the best preserved forts in Kerala.This old granite Fort is also known as Tipu's Fort, This fort has great historical importance, and also represents the rich cultural heritage of Kerala.....more
Attappady Hill Station
Attappady Hill Station is Located on the north eastern section of the Palakkad district on the northern portion of the state of Kerala and located 38 kms from Mannakkad, also known as “God’s Own Country”, is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala,This beautiful hill station of Attappady. Surrounded by lush green, undulating hills, the beautiful region of Attappady. An extensive mountain valley above the crest of the Ghat ranges with numerous rivulets of the Bhavani River, Attapady is inhabited mainly by tribes and some settlers from Tamil Nadu.A beautiful synthesis of mountains, rivers and forests, Attapaddy is of great interest to anthropologists, as this is the habitat of many tribes like the 'irolas' and 'mudugars'.....more
Malampuzha Hill Station
Malampuzha Hill Station is situated in Malampuzha, Palakkad District, Kerala, India.This is situated at the base of the hills of Western Ghats. Bharathappuzha flows over the green undulating slopes of the Western Ghats, the beautiful hill station of Malampuzha is a must visit while on a tour to Kerala. Sleepy and straight out of a picture book, a visit to Malampuzha promises to be the dream vacation you have always desired. The town is set at the base of the hills of the Western Ghats and around the large reservoir are beautiful rose gardens and amusement parks for children as well as facilities for boat cruises in the reservoir.it is hardly surprising that the quaint hill station of Malampuzha is today one of the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala.....more
Nelliyampathy Hill Station
Nelliyampathy is located just 75 km from Palakkad and at an altitude of 467 m to 1572 m Nelliyampathy Hill Station Tours, the Nelliyampathyhilll comprise a chain of ridges cut off from one another by valleys of dense evergreen forests and orange plantations. Accessing Nelliyampathy from Palght is a sensation on its own, as you negotiate over a dozen haipin curves of the ghat road passilng through the fascinating jungles of the Sahya Ranges.Seethakundu at nelliyampathy offers fantastic view of the valley below-a wide-angled vision of a third of the entire Palghat area.Nelliyampathy has immense trekking potential.....more
Palakkad Hill Station
Palakkad Hill Station, Luxury Kerala Travel, offers a plethora of opportunity to the tourist wayfarer to explore the recesses of Palakkad, which is a muchvisited and popular, luxury hill station located in Kerala, south India, India. The travel site, Luxury Kerala Travel, is home to a whole long itinerary of opportunities galore for the traveler/ tourist who wish to undertake a travel tour to the luxury hill station of Kerala, Palakkad, comfortably nestled in Kerala, south India, India. A travel tour to Palakkad, located in Kerala, south India, India, which is also known as one of the prime hill stations in Kerala, south India, India, showcases it to be the grand granary of Kerala, located in south India, India.....more
Bharatapuzha River
The Bharathapuzha River is the second longest river in Kerala with a length of 209 kilometers. It is also known as Nila, Kuttipuram Puzha and Ponnaniyar. The river originates in the Annamalai hills located in the Western Ghats region in Tamil Nadu. It flows in the west direction along with the many of its tributaries including the Tirur River through Palakkad Gap, Palakkad, Thrissur and Malappuram districts of Kerala.These irrigation projects irrigate an area of 773 square kilometers.The illusion behind the name is that the river feeds people like their own mother – (the water is pure and can be used for drinking, irrigation or other purposes).....more
Kannadipuzha River
River Kannadi ( Kannadi Puzha) in the Mathur Village about 4 km from Palakkad town.Kannadi pathikkal the main area of kannadi.there is a police housing colony.The Thirunellai Village or Thiruvilla kadavu village of Palakkad, Kerala in South India is a small village located in the banks of the river Kannadi.Kannadi puzha is one of the branch of Bharathapuzha which is the biggest river in the kerala.This river is also called as Nila......more
Parambikulam River
Parambikulam River is located near Udumalaipettai, Palakkad district, kerala, Parambikulam River, one of four tributaries of the Chalakkudi River, originates in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu, India.The famous waterfalls, Attirappilly and vazhachal waterfalls are situated on this river. The famous Hydro Electric Projects on Chalakkudy River are 'Sholayar Hydro Electric Project' and 'Peringalkuttu Hydro Electric Project'. Chalakkudy Dam is situated on this river. The Parambikulam Dam has been constructed across the river at Anamalai, located in the Western Ghats of Kerala. This dam ranks number one in India as well as in the top ten dams in the world in terms of volume capacity......more
Kalpathy Temple
The Kalpathy Vishwanatha Swamy is the oldest Shiva temple situated 3 kms from Palakkad.The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is famous for the annual Chariot Festival. The festival is a gala event and lasts for seven days.Kalpathy Temple Tours The Kalpathy Vishwanatha Swamy temple is the oldest Shiva temple in Malabar.It was built around 1425 A.D. by Kombi Achan; the then raja of Palakkad.Kalpathy Car Festival is based on Vedic Tamil Brahmin Culture.the then raja of Palakkad.Kalpathy Car Festival is based on Vedic Tamil Brahmin Culture. On the last three days of the car festival, beautifully decorated temple chariots are ceremoniously drawn through the streets by thousands of devotees whose soul stirring chants rent the air.....more
Dhoni Waterfall
A Dhoni waterfall is a 3 hours trek from the base of the Dhoni Hills. A thick reserve forest surrounds it. Dhoni is about 15 kms from Palakkad.There is a splendid waterfall among other captivating sights. It can be reached only after a fairly long climb of 3 hrs from the base of the Dhoni hills. he waterfall is surrounded by a thick reserve forest that adds to the beauty and serenity of the place.All quite and cool and the singing of birds and the sound of jungle streams and waterfalls welcomes you to Dhoni.Dhoni is also famous for its farmhouse, harboring hundreds of cattle of Swiss variety. The
Vishwanatha Swamy shrine, the oldest Shiva temple is situated 3 kms from Palakkad.....more
Meenvallam Waterfall
Meenvallam waterfall is around 8kms from Thuppanad junction on the Palakkad- Manarkkad route. It is a combination of enchanting beauty and scenic splendor. The water falls from nearly 20 to 25 feet and the depth is around 15-20 feet.There are 10 steps of waterfalls of which eight are situated in the upper hills inside the dense forest. They are inaccessible, only the remaining two steps are accessible. One has to hire a jeep from Koomankund junction and then trek a distance of 1.5 km by crossing the river Thuppanad.The ten step waterfall with the height of each step varying from five to fourty metres provide a visual treat to the beholder.In each step, the height of the fall varies that provide a visual treat to the beholder.upper hills inside the dense forest which are meant only for the truly adventurous. The grandeur and the sheer beauty of this fall provides a visual treat to the viewer.....more