Kannur District is one of the 14 districts in the state of Kerala, India. The town of Kannur is the district headquarters, and gives the district its name. The old name Cannanore is the anglicised form of the Malayalam name Kannur.The district can be divided into three regions based on geography - highlands, midlands and lowlands.Kannur often known as ‘the crown of Kerala’ because of its natural treasures.Kannur district is bound in the east by the Western Ghats, in the west by the Arabian Sea, in the north by the Kasargode District and in the south by the Mahe region of the Union Territory of Pondicherry.Kannur, the coastal town in the northern Malabar area was once the capital of the Kolathiri Rajas, the competitors of the Zamorins of Kozhikode. Previously a major port town, Kannur city is now known for its handloom and beedi industries. . Some of Kerala's finest weavers come from this district.

Kannur is the most urbanised district in Kerala, with more than 50% of its residents living in urban areas. Kannur has an urban population of 1,212,898, which is the second largest in Kerala after Ernakulam district. Marco Polo is supposed to have referred to Kannur as a great emporium of spices.With the Lakshadweep Sea in the west, the Western Ghats in the east, and the Kozhikode and Wayanad districts in the south, Kannur is bounded by a wealth of natural beauty. It lies at a distance of 310km Kochi and 92km from Kozhikode.The name Kannur is believed to have been derived from the name of Hindu deity- Kannan( Lord Krishna ) and Ur (place), thus signifying the ‘Place of God- Krishna.’ Some people also opine that the term Kannur is inferred from Kanathur, an ancient village of Kerala.

In the 15th century, the Portuguese arrived in Kannur to establish one of their earliest settlements. A reminder of this is the St. Angelo's Fort built in 1505 AD by the first Portuguese Viceroy. Kannur's history is marked by foreign invasions and the activities of colonial powers.

Kannur district is endowed with sufficient number of rivers. Valapattanam river which originates from Western Ghats is the longest river in the district. Most of the rivers are navigable. Anjarakany, Kuppam, Mahe and Thalassery are the other rivers. Kannur district has extensive forest areas which may be classified under two heads namely reserve forests and vested forests.

Kannur City is the home of the Arakkal Palace, the Mappila Bay and many ancient historic mosques. The City Juma Masjid in Kannur City and the Moideen mosque at Ayikkara are examples of such mosques of historic significance. The extent of Kannur City begins from Chirakkalkulam, all the way up to Kuruva, near Thazhechovva. Other places falling within the limits of Kannur City are Ayikkara, Chirakkalkulam, Thayyil, Marakkarkandy, Naaluvayal, Anjukkandy, Kuruva, Anayiduck, Kochipalli and Neerchal.One of the most important Islamic scholars of Kerala, Palliyagath Abdul Kader Moulavi lived in this city and his home is at the heart of Kannur City. India's deputy external affairs Minister Mr. E. Ahmad hails from Kannur City as well. The former Supreme court Justice V. Khalid is also from Kannur City.

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Climate/Weather of Kannur Districts :

The district has a humid climate with an oppressive hot season from March to the end of May. This is followed by the South-West monsoon which continues till the end of September. October and November from the post-monsoon [North-East Monsoon] or retreating monsoon season.

History of Kannur Districts :

Kannur is a land associated with abundant myths and legends and you can still hear many ancient tales of the past from the locales. Kannur was cited as NAURA in the illustrious Greek work of great antiquity- 'The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea'. It was that place from where King Solomon collected timber for erecting the famed Temple of Jerusalem. It was this heaven-like place of astounding beauty to which Jawaharlal Nehru referred to as the 'Garden of India'. This place is the melting pot of many cultures, religions and traditions and the state of Kerala owes its cultural, political and industrial heritage to Kannur.

Kannur was an important port on the Arabian Sea and carried out trade with Persia and Arabia in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. It was also the British military headquarters on India's west coast up to 1887. In conjunction with her elder sister Tellicherry, it was the third largest city on the western coast of British India in the eighteenth century after Bombay and Karachi.

St. Angelo's Fort was built in 1505 by Sir Francisco de Almeida, the first Portuguese Viceroy of India and is situated along the Arabian sea about 3 km from Kannur town. The fort has changed hands several times. In 1663, the Dutch captured it and sold it to the Arakkal royal family. The British conquered it in 1790 and transformed it into one of their major military stations on the Malabar Coast. It is fairly well preserved as a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India. A painting of this fort and the fishing ferry behind it is on display at the Rijksmuseum inAmsterdam. The body of Kunjali Marakkar was exhibited in the Fort after his assassination.

During British rule in India, Kannur was known by its Anglicised name of Cannanore, which is still in fairly common usage.

Educational Institutions of Kannur Districts :

  • M.G. College, Iritty
  • PRNSS college, Mattannur
  • Chinmaya Institute Of Technology,Chala,Kannur
  • Vimaljyothi engineering college, chemperi
  • Sree Narayana Guru College of Engineering & Techonology, Kangol, Payyanur
  • N.T.T.F, Thalassery
  • Govt. Ayurveda College,Pariyaram,Kannur
  • Sree Narayana College, Kannur
  • Krishna Menon College, Kannur
  • N.A.M College, Kallikkandy
  • Nirmalagiri college, Kuthparamba
  • Govt.College of Teacher Education,Thalassery,Kannur
  • Islahi E.M.School,Irikkur P.O, Kannur
  • Islamic Moment Trust.School,Varam, Chathurakinar, Kannur
  • Govt. College of Engineering,Kannur
  • Brennen College, Thalassery
  • Sir Syed College, Taliparamba
  • Payyannur College
  • Indira Gandhi Memo.Public School,Customs Road, Tellicherry, Kannur
  • P.K.Raman Memo.School,Sree Krishna Bajana Samithi,Choodikotta, Mahe, Kannur
  • Unique E.M.School,Dharmadam, Tellicherry,Kannur, Cannanore, Kerala - 670672
  • College of Engineering ,Thalassery (CUSAT)
  • St.Joseph's E.M.School,Cherupuzha, Kannur
  • Chovva Social Welfare and Edu.Society,Chovva Junction, Kannur


The local language spoken here is Malayalam the mother tongue of the people of Kerala known as keralites or Malayalees


Folk art and dance forms originated in Kannur. Kannur boast of its extraordinary, primordial ritualistic folk art - 'Theyyam', that is endemic to the North Malabar region. Kavadiyattam was also nurtured by the performing artists from Kannur.

Don’t miss out the mud-and-water-therapy at the Mahatma Nature Cure Centre, at Taliparamba in Kannur.

About 40 Kalaries- fields of martial art-are dispersed around the district and most of the circus artists dwell here. There are also a plethora of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and yoga centres in the Kannur city which will heal and rejuvenate your senses and soul. Learn the Rajyoga, a range of exercises meant to heighten mind control at the Parivrajakacarya Yoga Vedanta Mission, Thottada and Sadanada Puri in Kannur.

Kannur is internationally famous for its superior handloom fabric. You can shop for the spices and cashew nuts that are also produced in plenty. Thus Kannur has a plenty of reasons to be included in the must visit places in your itinerary.

Godaveri or Godamuri
Godaveri or Godamuri is an entertaining folk-play of a quasi-religious nature which is performed in the central parts of Kannur district by the Malayans who are experts in devil dancing.

Vedan Padal or Vedan Pattu
Vedan Padal (Vedan Pattu) is a peculiar ceremony observed in certain parts of the district in the month of Karkidakam (July-August) which coincides with the season of scarcity in Kerala.

This is a highly ritualistic dance, well preserved with its rare and gorgeous make-up and costume, lively foot work and gymnastic fervor. It represents a glorious period of folk-life in Kannur as well as in Kerala.

Marathukali is a fusion of two different styles of cultural arts that prevailed in this region. One of them is of arguments and counter arguments of two groups which comprise of scholars in scientific subjects and the other is Poorakkali demonstration of their supporters. It is a competitive "game art" conducted in temple yards.

Poorakkali is a temple festival held in the Bhagavathy temples in the month of Meenam. In this festival which lasts for nine days, we find rejoicing on the rebirth of Kama, the god of love, and the enjoyment of people in regaining the feelings of love. It is a dramatic folklore touch and its literature is embellished with glorious deeds of Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu.

Vadakken Pattukal
Ballads sung in praise of the exploits of local heroes form an important source of inspiration for the community. These ballads are sometimes connected with deities. Some of them are on the miraculous life and deeds of heroes and heroines.

Kalari meaning school and Payattu meaning combat, Kalaripayattu is one of the advanced combat sciences of the world and has reproduced many a hero whose exploits are celebrated in legends and folk songs.

How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Kannur railway station is well linked to major towns up country as well as within the State.
Nearest Airport:The nearest airport is at Karipur, Kozhikode, about 93 km south.

Road Transport:One can also reach the town by all season motorable roads. The nearby cities like Bangalore (8 hrs), Calicut (3 hrs) and Mangalore (4 hrs) are well connected by regular bus.

Bangalore-324 km
Ernakulam-310 km
Kozhikode-92 km
Mangalore-150 km
Mumbai-1215 km
Mysore (direct)-185 km
Thiruvananthapuram-505 km

Tourist Attraction of Kannur Districts:

Sundareswara Temple
This temple was built in 1908 and is dedicated to the Lord of Destruction- Lord Shiva.Apart from Shiva Lingam; the temple also houses idols of Lord Ganesha (God of Wisdom and Prosperity) and Subramonia. The annual temple fair is held in the month of Meenam(March-April).

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary
The Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is situated 45 kilometers east of Kannur. It is the smallest sanctuary in Kerala with an area of 55 square kilometers. A wide variety of flora can be seen in this region and fauna includes deer, boar, Indian bison, jungle cats and leopards can be seen. The sanctuary is well connected with Thalassery and Kannur by road. Thalssery is the nearest railway station here. November to February is the best season to visit this region.

The Kannur Shenoy Centre
Is famous for it hypermarket called " Metro" and its Professional Photo Studio. There is a business centre for business purposes.

The Sea View Park, near the Payyambalam
Beach is overlooked by the Government Guest House. The Park is at an elevation from the sea level and gives a magnificent view of the sunset.

Arakkalkettu lies three kilometers from Kannur city. This was the residence of the Arakkal Ali Rajas, who were the only Muslim Royal family in Kerala and played a prominent role in the history of Malabar. The palace has recently taken by the Archeological and Tourism departments and they converted it in to a museum. The museum displays the personal belongings of this royal family. The government had taken prior interest in preserving the heritage of the Arakkal Family. The Arakkal family trust charges a cheap rate from the visitors to the museum.

Shri Muthappan Temple
This temple is located at Parassinikadavu, on the banks of Valapattanam River and the temple is dedicated to the unusual deity who is the lover of fried fish and toddy.

Thalssery Fort
The fort is located at Thalssery, which is 20 kilometers from Kannur. The fort was constructed in 1708 by the English East India Company to make a place in Malabar region. The fort was a main military center at that time. The fort's massive walls, tunnels opening to the sea, the Anglican Church and the old watchtower here are very attractive. Today it is a historical monument. The fort lies on a small hill namely 'Tiruvellapadkunnu'. There is an Anglican church dedicated to St. John behind the fort. The fort is near to the Thalassery railway station and easily accessible. The Tiruvellapadkunnuuvangadi Sree Rama temple is near to the fort and it is also a major tourist attraction.

Parassinikadavu Temple
This temple is one of the most important temples in the district. The temple lies 18 kilometers north east of Kannur city on the banks of the Valapattanam River. This is an important center for Muthappan cult and Theyyattam (Theyyam performance). The deity here is known as Parassinikadavu Muthappan. The temple permits all without asking their caste and creed. Unlike other temples in the state, the temple allows people to see the inner sanctorum and devotees offer Toddy and dry fish to the deity. The temple is easily accessible by road.

Kottiyoor Siva Temple.
It is one of the important Hindu pilgrimage centers in this region. The temple is known as the Varanasi of the South. The annual festival here falls on May- June and it lasts 28 days. The festival begins with the ritual 'Neyyattam' and ends with 'Thirukulasattam'. The temple is located on the banks of the Bavali River. The river splits the temple in to Akkara temple and Ekkara temple. Non-Hindus are not permitted to enter the inner parts of the temple. The worshiping time here is from 5.00 am to 10.00 am and 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm. The nearest town Kottiyoor is Thalassery and it is easily accessible by road.

Pazhassi Dam
The damsite, famous for its scenic beauty, is an ideal retreat for tourists. The D.T.P.C provides pleasure boating faciliaties at the reservoir.

Fort St Angelo
This laterite fort was built by the Portguese in 1505 and was seized by the British in 1790, who made it their military station after reconstructing it. This fort is situated in the west of Burnassery Cantonment on the Lakshadweep Sea and offers an imposing view of the fascinating alcove of Moplah and the sea. This majestic triangular shaped fort is made of laterite. The fortess is now a property of the Archaeological Department of the Government of India.

The Vismaya amusement park
One of the largest water theme and amusement park in India, located at Parassinikadavu, Kannur.

Payyambalam Beach
The beach is situated just a throw stone distance from St. Angelo fort. The beach is famous its cliffs that jut in to the sea. A park is there adjacent to the beach known as Baby beach. A sculpture Mother and Child by Kanayi Kunhjiraman is an attractive feature of the beach garden. The beach lies 2 kilometers from Kannur city. The famous Meenkunnu beach is located just a few kilometers from here at Azhikode.

Mappila bay
Situated near the St. Angelo's Fort, the Mappila bay has a historical background. The bay was famous during the Kolathiris' regime as a commercial harbour Today, Mappila bay has turned into a modernised fishing harbour. Boating in the sea, if the weather permits, will be an unforgettable experience.

Rajarajeswara Temple
The temple is one of the most important 'Siva' temples in the state. The ‘Sivalinga’ worships here is believed to be thousands of years old. Unlike other Siva temple this temple allows women to enter the temple after 8.00 pm. It is said that at that time Devi Parvathy will be with Siva and auspicious for women. The temple is situated at Taliparambu and lies 25 kilometers from Kannur city.

Urpazhachivaku Temple
This is another nearby temple that exhibits exquisite carvings on wood depicting the Ramayana (an ancient Hindu epic) and Krishnaleela( the playful antics of Lord Krishna). The main deity of this temple is Shankaranarayana, other deities like Bhagavathi and Vettakorumakan are also placed here.

Pythalmala is the highest peak in the district with a height of 4,500 feet. The hilltop is located around 65 kilometers from the city and easily accessible. The hilltop is blessed with rich variety of flora and fauna. Its a very romantic picnic spot.

Mavilakavu Temple
This old Mavilakavu Temple lies at a distance of 5 miles from Kannur. The five day temple festival during the month of Medam, is very appealing because of the exhibition of the pompous rituals and customs. Another interesting aspect is the Ati or Thallu performance wherein there is an exchange of blows between different groups who gather at paddy fields outside the temple.

Snake Park at Parassinikkadavu
The Snake Park at Parassinikkadavu is situated 18 kms. Away from Kannur town. It Is one of the best known snake parks in the country . The park is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of snakes, most of which are becoming extinct gradually.

Ezhimala Beach
The etymological meaning of the name Ezhimala is 'the land with seven hills'. The place is located 25 kilometers south of Nileswaram and 38 kilometers north of the Kannur city and can be easily reached. Its a hill range having seven prominent peaks. The place lies at a height of 286 meters above sea level. Ezhimala also have a beautiful beach namely Ettikulam beach where we can enjoy watching Dolphins. A Hanuman temple is also there. Indian Navy maintains this area because Ezhimala is occupied with a Naval Academy. Permission required for entry here.

Kerala Folklore Academy
The center for folk arts and culture, the Kerala Folklore Academy located at Chirackal, which is 6 kilometers far from Kannur city. The museum is dedicated for the promotion of folklore arts and dance forms like Theyyam, Kalaripayattu, Marathukali, Poorakali, Vadakkenpattu, Vedanpattu, Godaveri etc. The 130-year-old Chirackal kovilakom was converted in to the museum.

Hotels/Lodge/Accommodation in Kannur Districts :

Malabar Residency
26-342, Thavakkara Road, Kannur,Cannanore, Kerala - 670001

Kamala International Tourist Hotel
S.M. Road, Kannur, Cannanore, Kerala - 670001

Royal Omars
Thavakkara,Kannur-670001, Kerala

Yathri Niwas
Near police club,Thavakkara Road, Kannur

Hotel High Palace
Sadhoo Building, Near Municipal Bus Stand,Kannur, Cannanore, Kerala - 670001

Mascot Beach Resort,
Near Baby Beach, burnassery,Kannur-670013, Kerala

Paris Presidency
Logans Road,Tellicherry -670101 Kannur, Kerala, India

Perumal Tourist Home
Near Bus Stand, Payyannur, Kannur


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Sadhoo Merry Kingdom
Sadhoo Merry Kingdom, the most modern man made sophisticated water theme park, is situated on a hillock at Chala Hills,6 km away from Kannur town/ Railway Station. Started functioning since April 2007. The park offers spectacular and amazing variety of entertainments for the whole family .The location of the Park is so ideal that the visitors will beImmersed in thrilling entertainments for the day while remaining in a serene atmosphere of peace and tranquility.The park offers spectacular and amazing variety of entertainments for the whole family and is one ofthe most exciting family holiday destinations.The great rides and attractions to entertain the youth, teens, kids, elderly and the whole family.....more
Vismaya Infotainment Center
Vismaya Infotainment Centre, the first water theme and amusement park in cooperative sector.It is located at Parassinikkadavu in Kannur. It has been operating since 2008.The amusement park is located in 30 acres of land and can handle 3000-3500 visitors at a time. The park has 14 water rides in different heights, wave pool, artificial waterfall, giant wheel, sky train, water flash bumper cars, musical fountain and children’s parks among others. The entry fee is Rs.300 per person on working days and Rs.375 on weekends. The park has the rainwater harvesting facility of five crore litre and the entire water requirement for the park will be drawn from this facility.....more
Ezhimala Beach
The Ezhimala beach has a hillock at an elevation of 286 meters. The much acclaimed Naval Academy of Kerala undergoes development at this very spot. This beach is situated at a radius of 55 kilometers from Kannur. It is a delighting combination of natural beauty and history. This beach is positioned between hills and is hence situated at a higher altitude. An altitude of 286 m and 55 km from Kannur is Ezhimala, which has fascinating scultured stone pillars scattered all over the beach. There is also an ancient mosque on a hill nearby. Buddha is believed to have visited the place which has seen many historical events of North Kerala in the 11th century.....more
Kizhunna Ezhara Beach
Kizhunna Ezhara Beach is Located 11 kms from kannur, this beautiful stretch of sand is one of the most secluded beaches in kerala. Famous is this beautiful golden color sand beach in kerala. It is truly a loner's delight. The quietness of the surrounding is an experience in itself. Its one of those rare occassions when silence attracts more attention than noise.The surrounding coconut groves strewn all along the beach promises a relaxed stay. In the evening the quiet atmosphere of the place is enlivened by Kathakali performances. Touring around Kizhunna Ezhara Beach in Kerala is a lovely idea as this place is considered to be one of the most charming places in the whole subcontinent.....more
Meenkunnu Beach
Meenkunnu Beach is situated at Azhikkode 12 km away from Kannur. This is a quiet and beautiful beach. With its golden sand and coconut trees, it is a tourist's paradise. This beach is an extension of Payyambalam Beach.Meen means fish and kunnu means hill in the Malayalam language. Meenkunnu beach is located twelve kilometers from Kannur in Kerala. This beach is situated at Azhikode village and is beautiful beach with golden sand.This beach attracts a lot of tourists with its beauty. Meenkunnu beach is an expansion of Payyambalam Beach which is located two kilometers from the tnew rewritten of Kannur.....more
Muzhappilangad Beach
Muzhappilangad beach of Kannur is one of the longest beaches of Kerala. It is situated at a distance of 15 kilometers from Kannur and 8 kms from Thalassery. The Muzhapilangad beach is the only drive-in beach of India. This is what makes it unique among all other beaches of not only Kerala but also India. The long stretch, which measures around 4 kilometers, is the ideal place to laze around or go for a drive. The beach is clean and well maintainedand is one of the best laces to hang around when in Kannur.The shores of the Muzhappilangad beach are lined with black boulders, which protects the shores from the lashing waves and also make a natural shallow place. One can easily swim in this natural shallow pool of water without having to fear the powerful currents. One can soak up the sun while lying lazily on the rocks. It is a beach lover's paradise.....more
Payyamblam Beach
Payyamblam beach is the beach of2 km from Kannur town, Kannur District. The well laid out garden and the massive landscaped sculpture of mother & child erected by noted sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman makes it extremely captivating. Take a Tour to Payyambalam Beach and experience the beautiful Arabian Sea from the sandy shores of the Payyambalam Beach. The major attraction of this beach is the beautifully sculpted Mother and Child by Kanayi Kunhiraman. his beautiful stretch of sand and surf is the best place for a relaxing holiday. A quiet, secluded, beautiful and popular picnic spot of the local people, the Payyambalam Beach holds much potential for development into a tourist resort.....more
Kannur City
Kannur often known as ‘the crown of Kerala’ because of its natural treasures.Kannur district is bound in the east by the Western Ghats, in the west by the Arabian Sea, in the north by the Kasargode District and in the south by the Mahe region of the Union Territory of Pondicherry.Kannur, the coastal town in the northern Malabar area was once the capital of the Kolathiri Rajas, the competitors of the Zamorins of Kozhikode. Previously a major port town, Kannur city is now known for its handloom and beedi industries. . Some of Kerala's finest weavers come from this district. Kannur is also the headquarters of the country's largest and best-run beedi cooperative which produces the famous brand, Kerala Dinesh Beedi.....more
Pazhassi reservoir
Pazhassi Dam is located 37 km east of Kannur and It is an ideal retreat for tourists; the damsite is famous for its scenic beauty. the Pazhassi Dam is nestled amidst an idyllic and picturesque setting. The Pazhassi Dam is a popular tourist hangout.With an abundant water body present amidst ample greenery, Pazhassi quickly emerged to become one of the most favored tourist attractions cum picnic spot in the region.Riding on its fame for being unimaginably beautiful, the Pazhassi Dam draws tourists by a large number every year, from the across the country and different parts of the world.The DPTC provides tourists with boating facilities at the reservoir, making boating the primary source of entertainment at the Dam.one may enjoy a scenic drive to the dam on the route that greets you with Cashew nut trees in full bloom. Accommodation is available at the Project Inspection Bungalow and its dormitories.....more
St. Angelo Fort
This fort is 3 km west of Kannur town, north Kerala. and Also known as the Kannur fort, the St. Angelo's fort of Kerala is a massive fort built by the first Portuguese Viceroy, Don Francisco De Almeida. It was constructed in the year 1505. St. Angelo's Fort is a protected monument today as declared by the Archaeological Survey of India. St. Angelo's fort of Kannur has changed many hands before finally being captured by the British in the year 1790.....more
Tellicherry Fort
Tellicherry Fort, a construction of East India Company is a magnificent citadel located at a distance of 22 kms from Kannur, thalaserry. The monument is affluent with historical significance and many attractive features that make the visitors tour to Kerala an inevitable and worthwhile one. Tellicherry Fort in Kannur, KeralaThe substantial walls with an impressive structure and a huge gateway brilliantly bound the fort. It has also one lighthouse. The Fort was once the military hub of the British troops. Perhaps a large number of tourists make their trip to Kerala to unexplore this the historically and culturally loaded forts. So make yourself ready to be enthralled and mesmerized by the beauty and magic of the great Tellicherry fort of Kannur.....more
Kannur Hill Station
Kannur is one of the tourist attractions in Kerala being home to the well-known Pythal Mala hill, 65 km from the city. The Pythal Mala is a delightful hill station for the tourists, situated at a height of 4,500 feet above sea level, near the Kerala – Karnataka border. Tourists simply enjoy trekking their way to the top of the hill station covering a significant distance of 6 km. The hills of Pythal Mala are vibrant green and flourishing with rare varieties of flora, fauna and birds Kannur’s days of glory were under the Kolathiri rajas, and its importance as a spice-Kannur Hill Station Tour, Kerala Travel Tourstrading port was mentioned by the Venetian traveller Marco Polo. From the 15th century, various colonial powers, including the Portuguese, Dutch and British, exerted their influence.....more
Gundert Bungalow
Gundert Bungalow is loacted near Thalasseri town(National Highway at Illikunnu), 20 km Kanuur district, Kerala.Dr. Herman Gundert, the revered German missionary, scholar and lexicographer lived in this bungalow for 20 years from 1839. It was here that one of the first Malayalam dictionaries and the first Malayalam Newspaper - Paschimodayam - took shape.He also authored Malayala Rajyam (1870) which comprises the history andgeography of Malabar , the first of its kind on the land's geography.Some of his works are Kerala Pazhama (1868), Manushya Hridayam, Vajrasooji, Muhamadeeya Charitam, Christu Sabha Charitram etc.....more
Kannur Arakkal kettu
Arakkal Palace is located just 3 km from Kannur town, Kannur district, Kerala.The Kannur Fort was owned for some time by Arakkal family.Arakkal family was the only Muslim royal family of Kerala that controlled parts of the coast and Lakshadweep.The Arakkal family followed a matriarchal system of descent. The Arakkal Palace is distinguished as the only royal residence of Muslims in Kerala.Among all monuments in Kerala, the historical Arakkal Palace is an eminent one.The Arakkal family did not discriminate between the male and female members of the family when it can to governing the land....more
Dharmadam Island
Dharmadam Island is an exotic tourist spot in Kerala. It is a tiny island lying in Arabian Sea. Dharmadam Island Kerala is one of the most beautiful places in "God's Own Country", Kerala.The Dharmadam Beach is 17 Km from Kannur. Dharmadam Island (Green Island) is a small 2 hectare private island in the Kannur District of Kerala, southern India. It lies 100 metres from the mainland at Dharmadam. This island, covered with coconut palms and dense bush is a beautiful sight from the Muzhappilangad beach. During a low tide, an adventurous traveler can even walk to the island from the beach as the surrounding water becomes very shallow.....more
Kavvayi Island
Kavvayi Island, a small island, near Payyannur in the Kannur district of Kerala state is connected with Payyannur by a small bridge on the Kavvayi Pozha, which means the river of Kavvayi. Recently there have been a number of researches done by a number of archaeologists in this river. The Kavvayi Island was named by Sir William Hogan the then district Collector of the area which was originally named as Kavvil Pattanam later it turned to be known as Kavvayi. Kavvayi used to be the headquarters for an area of 125 square miles (320 km2) which housed a large port and the magistrate court. Kavvayi held his honor during the British East India Company rule and slowly slipped out of limelight due to shifting of the headquarters to other parts of Malabar.....more
Odathil Mosque
Odathil Palli (Odathil Mosque) is a 200 year old mosque is situated in Thalassery,kannur district, Kerala.mosque was built around 1806,This is heart of Thalassery was built by an Arab merchant in a typical Kerala Hindu temple style. The mosque whichhas neither domes nor minarets is not open to non-Muslims. It has no domes or minarets. With carved wooden walls and copper ceiling the Mosque has a real temple touch. It was renovated with the help of Portuguese Fundaceo Oriente Institution in Lisbon.The site of the Odathil Palli used to be a sugarcane garden of the Dutch. It changed hands to the British-owned East India Company......more
Perumba River
Perumba River is situated in Payannur, Kannur district of Kerala.he famous Perumba River on the east, the Railway line on the south and the “Padoli”One of the tributaries of Perumba River (Payyanur) starts from this hill. The famous Kallan kulam (Kallan pond) is on the southern side of this hill.Perumba River is a major freshwater river in Malabar region of Kerala State in India, which passes through industrial city of Payyannur, Kannur district. One of its tributary is Vannathi River. One of the major theaters in Payyanur, "Shanthi", is situated on the banks of this river at Perumba Town, Payyanur.....more
Valapattanam River
Valapattanam River iis located in Valapattanam just 7km from Kannur Town, Taliparamba taluk, Kannur district, Kerala. Valapattanam River is a the largest river in the Kannur area in the Indian state of Kerala. originates from the Western Ghats and ends at the Arabian Sea, near the town. The Valapattanam River was the main trade route and was always bustling with activities. Thus it got the name 'valya pattanam' meaning 'Big Town'. It is a small town on the Valapattanam River known for its wood based industries and timber factories.Valapattanam it is a beautiful experience to watch the timber transportation across the stream.....more
Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary
Established in the year 1984, Aralam wildlife sanctuary of Kannur is located at a distance of 60 kilometers from Kannur. It is spread over a small area of 55 square kilometers. Aralam national park is situated on the slopes of the Western Ghats. The elevation gradually increases from 50 meters to 1145 meters. The highest peak over here that rises to a height of 1145 meters is known as Katti Betta. The lush green slopes and the thick forest cover make it the perfect home for the numerous species of birds and animals that live here.Aralam wildlife sanctuary is the northernmost protected area of Kerala state, situated in the southeast part of Kannur District. It lies between 11° 54 and 11° 59 North latitude and 75° 47 and 75° 57 East longitude.....more