The beautiful Mattupetty Dam is a located near Munnar in Idukki District, the Muthirappuzha River, Chanduvarai River and Kundali River are joined toghether in this dam. The Mattupetty Dam is enroute to Top Station and is situated at an altitude of 1700 m. You will often see people enjoying a lazy picnic here. Visitors love the panoramic view of the dam surrounded by wooden hills and tea plantations.Boating is a popular activity here.You will love trekking in the Shola forests around Mattupetty which is also home to a variety of birds. Walk along small streams and follow its meandering path till it falls down the hillside as a waterfall. Small streams and waterfalls cut through the tract here and there, which again adds more attraction to the place. The large amount of perennially available water allows wild animals and birds to flourish. The hill-side is dotted with pretty waterfalls that add to the attraction of the place.

Mattupetty is also famous for its highly specialized dairy farm, the Indo-Swiss live stock project. Over 100 varieties of high yielding cattle are reared here. Visitors are allowed into three of the eleven cattle sheds at the farm. However salinity caused by irrigation and water-logging are of concern to environment. This dam storage masonry dam built in the mountains of Kerala, India to conserve water for hydroelectricity. It has been a vital sources of power, yielding along with other such dams, huge revenue to the states.

Location info:

Address: Mattupetty, neat Munnar, Idukki District, Kerala, India
District: Idukki District
Nearest City: Thiruvananthapuram, Thekkady, Kochi, Theni, Palani, Madurai, Coimbatore, Kodaikannal, Chinnar, Devikulam
Best time to visit: December to May.


Temperature - 0 degree Celsius to 30 degree celsius and in Summer- 15 degree celsius to 25 degree celsius and in Winter- 0 degree celsius to 10 degree celsius.



Interesting things to do:

Its beautiful Picnic spot here, You can see wooden hills and tea plantations, Boating is a popular activity here and Mattupetty hill station.

Interesting things to Visit:

Munnar hills station:

Munnar hills is situated at a distance of 70 km from Idukki is altitude of 5000 to 8000 Ft above sea level. and is situated at the confluence of three mountain streams - Mudrapuzha, Nallathani & Kundala. This beautiful hill station was once the summer resort of the erstwhile British Government in South India. Sprawling Tea plantations, picture book towns, winding lanes, and holiday facilities make this a popular resort town.


Rajamala is the natural habitat of Nilgiri Tahr. Half the world population of this rare mountain goat is found here, which is fast becoming extinct.

Eravikulam National Park:

Eravikulam National Park attracts the travellers with its irresistible grace and beauty. It is spread over 97 sq km in the Rajamalai hills. This park was established to protect the Nilgiri Tahr also known as the Nilgiri Ibex.


Pothamedu is one of the major plantation hubs of Munnar. Views of coffee, tee, and cardamom plantations are excellent from this place. It is an ideal place for trekking and hiking amidst lush mountains, rolling hills, and breathtaking scenery.


This is a hill station with its velvet lawns, exotic flora and fauna and the cool mountain air is a rare experience. The Sita Devi Lake with its mineral waters and picturesque surroundings is a good picnic spot.


Pallivasal is situated around 8 km from Munnar. It has the distinction of being home to the first hydropower project in Kerala.It is a place of immense scenic beauty.

Echo point:

As its name suggests, the place has a natural echo phenomenon. Echo point is on the way to Top Station from Munnar.


Located between Munnar and Rajamala, Nyayamakad is a land of breathtaking waterfalls of Kerala. The waters cascade down a hill from a height of about 1600 meters.

Kuthumkal Waterfalls:

The misty waterfall provides a picturesque view of the water, cascading down from scintillating heights. The sheer beauty of the place allures thousands of visitors every year.

Observatory Hills:

This is a beautiful hill located at Nedumkandam. It's a perfect location for people who are interested in watching the heavenly bodies, as the sky here is free from pollution.

Lock Heart Gap:

Its known for its panoramic views, is a location in Mattupetty, which is 13 km from Munnar in Idukki District. It is an ideal place for adventure tourism and trekking. The fresh mountain air and the mist-clad hills make it worth visiting.

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Nearest Railway Station:

Ernakulam Railway Station

Nearest Airport:

Cochin International Airport

Road Transport:

Local transportation in and around Munnar is easily available. You may opt for Taxis, auto rickshaws, bicycles or buses for commuting in Munnar. Hired cycles are a popular way of exploring the hill resort. There are several buses run by the state transport corporation that offer a guided tour of places in and around Munnar.

Nearest Visiting places:

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary:

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is a unique thorny scrub forest with numerous xerophytes species. Chinnar is well known for the habitat of the endangered Giant Grizzled Squirrel of India.

Idukki Dam:

The Idukki dam, built across the Kuravan and Kurathi hills is the world's second and Asia's first arch dam. The Idukki dam, lying close to the cheruthoni barrage is 550 ft high and 650 ft. wide. The Idukki arch Dam is also one of the attractions of Idukki district and attracts a large number of visitors.


Marayoor is about 40 kilometers away from Munnar. It is interesting to note that Marayoor is the only place in Kerala which has a natural growth of sandal wood trees. Another attraction here is the relics of new Stone Age civilization.

Top Station:

Top Station, the tranquil hill station is located about 32 km from Munnar, on the Munnar-Kodaikanal Road. Perched at an altitude of 1700 m above sea level, Top Station is the highest point on Munnar-Kodaikanal Road and one of the most famous hill spots in Kerala.


This is a beautiful village that shares its borders with Tamil Nadu. The place presents visitors with a fantastic opportunity to observe the typical life of simple people settled in the villages at high ranges. The scenic extravaganza including acres of luxuriant fields, plains and gurgling waterfalls make it a much sought out tourist destination.


This place is ideal to for treks and other adventure sports like mountain climbing or simply a walk among the winding paths that lead up the steep hills. The place is famous for cardamom plantations and one can really smell cardamom in its air.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary:

The Idukki Wildlife sanctuary is located about 40 km from Thodupuzha in the Idukki district in Kerala, India and is spread over an area of 77 square kilometers. This wildlife park includes the regions Idukki Wildlife of Udumpanchola and Thodupuzha districts of Kerala, India. The Idukki wildlife park in Kerala, India came into existence in the year 1976.There is a lake located within the Idukki wildlife sanctuary that is worth visiting during your wildlife tours to this wildlife sanctuary.


In Thekkadi, You can find the Rolling hills,tea and cardamom plantation welcome you to thekkadi.it is one of the largest wildlife reserves in India,the Periyar wildlife sanctuary is more popular as a tiger reserve.A boat ride on the spendid periyar lake is the best way to experience the sanctuary.Here we can see herds of elephents,tiger,sambar,spotted deer etc.Trekking facility is another advantage of Thekkadi.

Kunthakulam bird sanctuary:

Kunthakulam bird sanctuary is one of the delights for the ornithologists. The sanctuary is situated 33-km south of Tirunelveli in Nanguneri Taluk. Kunthakulam is a small and natural scenic village, which is covered with natural forests and ponds. Tourists who are keenly interested in adventure and trekking will enjoy visiting the place.

Power House waterfalls:

This waterfall is found out on the way to Thekkady from Munnar cascades down a steep rock and this is placed at 2000m above sea level. The spot is enriched with the scenic western mountain ranges, and is an ideal place for a break on the way to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady.


Thommankuthu waterfall is situated at 17 kms away from Thodupuzha. There is a 7 steps waterfall, which is lovely picnic spot. At each step of this waterfall there is a cascade and pool beneath.


This is placed at 12 kms distance from Idukki. This is located 3125 m above see level from where Kochi, Alappuzha and other nearby towns e.g. Kalvarimount , Peermede ,Thekkady etc. can be seen.


This place is famous for a massive rock of about 500 acres in area. Two lavish acres of beautiful evergreen forest is situated above this rock, which challenges mountaineers.

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Petrol Pump
Aluva Munnar Road, Edathala
Aluva, Ernakulam, Kerala

Petrol Pump Pattipara
Aluva Munnar Road, Ernakulam, Kerala.

BP Petrol Pump
Thodupuzha, Idukki


AyurCounty Resorts
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Holiday Heaven Resorts Munnar
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Randam Mile Pallivasal P.O.
munnar, Kerala 685565
Ph.No:0484 2539465.

Pearl Green Resorts
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Munnar hotels
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Holiday Heaven Resorts
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Munnar Hotel Reservations Company
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Tel: 09447220025.

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Police Station:

Police Station
Thodupuzha, Idukki, Kerala

Police Station Munnar
Tel. : 91-486-230321

Munnar Police Station
Munnar P.O.,. Idukki District
685612, Kerala.

Police Station
Thodupuzha udumbannoor rd(TU rd)
Karimannoor, Idukki, Kerala
Tel: 04862 262434.

Nearest Hospital:

Aravind Eye Hospital
Periakulam Road, Theni
Tamilnadu 625531
Tel: 04546 252658.

Nalam Hospital
63/2, Lake Road, Sriram Nagr
Theni, Tamil Nadu 625531
Tel: 04546 254777.

Ashramam Ayurveda Hospital and Reserch Centre
Idukki, Kerala
Tel: 09746063255.

Tata General Hospital, Munnar
Tel : 91-486-2530270.

Arun Hospital, Munnar
Tel : 91-486-2530410.

Matha Hospital , Munnar
Tel : 91-486-2530744.

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Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church
Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church is located at Malankara, Near Thodupuzha, Idukki District, Kerala.It is traditionally believed to have been founded by Saint Thomas (Mar Thoma) one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ. and known by the name of the Apostle. in the year AD 52, having its Head Quarters at S C S Campus, Tiruvalla, Kerala.The church was initiated by various factors. The mission and vision of strong lay leadership as well as the aforementioned Bishops, the Diocesan Secretaries, Treasurers, Councils, Assemblies, have contributed and continue to contribute towards the molding of the Diocese. The Church’s possibilities in this country are immense.....more
Idukki City
Idukki is a landlocked district and one of the most beautiful areas of Kerala. High ranges and forested valleys are surrounded by three main rivers- Periyar, Thodupuzhayar and Thalayar and their tributaries. River Pamba also originates here. As a travel destination, Idukki offers various attractions like wildlife sanctuaries, spice plantation tours, hill stations, mountain treks, elephant rides etc. Besides the above mentioned attractions, Idukki has a large population of tribes, with their unique and colorful way of life......more
Anayirankal Reservoir
Anayirankal Dam is situated in 22 km from munnar, Idukki distric, kerala. Anayirankal is surrounded by tea plantations and evergreen forests. The Anayirankal dam and reservoir provides an eye-catching view. It's a lush green carpet of tea plants. A trip on the splendid reservoir is an unforgettable experience. The Anayirankal Dam is surrounded by the Tata Tea Plantation. It is an ideal picnic spot.Herds of elephants visit the lake to quench their thirst and allow the visitors to feast upon the sight of them. The scenic beauty of the lake, the surrounding tea gardens and forests has made the place the favourite of resort owners. Several five star quality resorts have sprung up in the hill slopes over looking the lake.....more
Cheruthoni Dam
Cheruthoni Dam is located in Moolamattom, Idukki district, Kerala the largest concrete gravity dam in Kerala, which is located close to Idukki Arch Dam. It is also stands as the third highest dam in India. The Dam built across the Periyar River & it attracts thousands of tourists. Visitors get much views of sunrise and sunset from here. Constructed in 1976, Cheruthoni Dam is an ideal destination for nature lovers. Boating facilities are available.It affords breathtaking views of the surrounding areas and on a clear day one can even see certain parts of faraway Kochi. Cheruthoni is accessible only by jeep.Other villages adjacent to Cheruthoni include Vazhathope, Thadiyanpadu, Karimban, Manjappara, Maniyarankudi, Bhoomiyamkulam, Peppara, Manjikkavala and Painavu......more
Idukki Dam
The Popular Idukki arch dam is 43 kms away from Moolamattom. This is the world's second and Asia's first arch dam, constructed across the Kuravan and Kurathi hills. 550 feet high and 650 feet wide, the dam lies close to the Cheruthoni Barrage. To its west is the Kulamavu Dam. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is located closeby Idukki Arch DamThe sanctuary spreads over 77 sq. km and is about 450-748 m above sea level. Idukki Dam started generating power on 4 October 1975. Technically, the dam is a concrete double, curvature parabolic and thin arc type.The construction of this Dam commenced on 30 April 1969 and storage of water in Idukki reservoir commenced in February 1973. The inauguration of trial run of the first machine was celebrated on 4th October 1975. Hon. Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi commissioned Commercial operation of the Power Station on 12 February 1976.....more
Kulumavu Dam
Kulamavu Dam, one of the three dams of Idukki Reservoir Project, is situated at Kulamavu, a famous hill station in Idukki District. It is situated to the west of Idukki Arch Dam, the world's second arch dam. Kulamavu extends between rocky hills to form the 33 sq km reservoir.Boats are extensively available for the two-hour cruise between Cheruthoni and Kulamavu dams. One can spot wild elephants on the way. Moolamattom underground power station and Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary are the nearby excursions.Boating in the artificial lake at the dam is an enjoyable experience. Various species of birds have been sighted in this area.Some of the common ones are Darter or Snake bird and king fisher.....more
Kundala Reservoir
Kundala Dam is about 15 kms from Mattupetty and about 20 km from Munnar, Idukki District, This on the way to Top Station. The Kundala lake formed by the construction of the dam and the forests surrounding is a scenic beauty. Pedal boating is available in the lake. Kundala tea plantations are situated here.s a panoramic view of the catchment area of the Kundala Dam. The reservoir adjoined to the Kundala Dam has boating facilities. Kundala Lake and Aruvikkad Waterfall are the nearby attractions of this tourist spot. The tranquillity of the place draws the tourists here. It is one of the most romantic experiences. Hiring a pedal boat and exploring the lake and its surroundings is an awesome experience.....more
Malankara Dam
Malankara dam is 6 km from Thodupuzha. Located on the Thodupuzha - Moolamattam road (State Highway 33), its an important irrigation project of Kerala, the Malankara Dam and Malankara reservoir is constructed across the waters from the tail-gate of the Moolamattom Power House. Malankara reservoir is an artificial lake spread over 11 km formed as part of the Muvattupuzha valley irrigation project is accessible by road. The reservoir is ideal for boating and fishing. The irrigation Dept. has plans to landscape the dam and it envisages to set up a garden as well. With permission from the irrigation dept. visitors will be allowed to stroll along the pathway atop the dam which commands an overview of the greenery around.....more
Mullaperiyar Dam
Mulla Periyar dam is situated in Thekkady, Idukki Distict, Kerala State. Mullaperiyar Dam is build over the headwaters of the Periyar River in Kerala, India. The Periyar National Park, Thekkady is located close to the Periyar reservoir. The backwaters of this dam form this park. Government of Tamil Nadu operates the functions of the park and according to a 999-year lease agreement the dam was built during erstwhile British colonial rule.Mullaperiyar Dam, the name of Mullaperiyar Dam is derived from a portmanteau of Mullayar and Periyar. As the dam is located at the convergence of the Mullayar and Periyar Rivers, the river was called Mullaperiyar.The structure of the Mullaperiyar Dam was approved by the British during the colonial rule to redirect the waters of the west-flowing Periyar River eastwards, through the construction of a granite dam, and channelizing the water from the reservoir through a tunnel cut across the division and Western Ghats to the dry rain shadow regions of Theni, Madurai District, Sivaganga District and Ramanathapuram districts of Tamil Nadu.....more
Periyar Reservoir
Periyar dam is situated in Thekkady, Idukki Distict, Kerala StateThe dam was built in highrange Idukki district when the area was under the erstwhile princely state of Travancore, before the formation of the present Kerala state in 1956. Under the lease agreement for 999 years, much of the water from the reservoir, under Tamil Nadu's control, would be diverted to parts of state like Theni and Periyakulam.Periyar Dam, although was responsible to destroy large areas of primeval forests, compensated in some way to provide resources for vast array of wildlife. Mullaperiyar Dam is constructed over the headwaters of the Periyar river in Kerala, India. The Periyar National Park, Thekkady is located around the Periyar reservoir formed by the backwaters of this dam.....more
Ponmudi Reservoir
Ponmudi Dam is located in Ponmudi, near Adimali, Idukki district , Kerala, India, and its constructed across the Panniar River, a tributary of the Periyar. Built in 1963, it has a length of 294 m. Ponmudi, lying very close to the sea, offers a plethora of tourist destinations and activities that the people visiting this place can indulge themselves in. an ideal place for nature lovers, this hill station attracts people from all over the country to come and explore this untouched virgin nature beauty. Long walk while bird watching with crystal waterfalls in the background, one explores the rubber, tea, cardamom and spices plantations.Ponmudi is the second highest peak in Kerala at 6,201ft.....more
Sethuparvathipuram Dam
SethuParvathipuram Dam is located 20 kms from Munnar town, idukki District, Kerala, This 70 ft-high arch dam entices visitors with its serene ambience a sky-blue reservoir dotted with colourful rowboats and pedal boats, with cattle grazing peacefully on its banks against a backdrop of lush eucalyptus plantations.The eucalyptus plantations in the backdrops make the scene highly attractive.Kundala Dam is also known as Sethuparvathipuram Dam . Here there is a Largest sandal plantation of Kerala.....more
High Range Golf Club
High Range Golf Club is located at Munnar, Idukki District, Kerala. High Range Club is a colonial style house made of wicker and teak. Surrounded by picturesque tea plantations, it offers five rooms and 11 cottages. The club houses an elegant lounge and dining room, a bar, billiards room and a library. The tennis courts and golf course makes it a perfect place to stay.charming colonial-style club built during the Raj. This clubhouse built of wicker and teak still serves as a social center for the far-flung farmers of the region around Munnar. Entry is limited to members only. There is also a 9-hole golf club and the river around the course has some trout. Permission for fishing can be obtained from the Chairman of the High Range Angling Association.....more
Kundale Golf Club
Kundale golf club is located at Mattupetty near Munnar, Idukki district, Kerala.The kundale golf club is a very beautiful club in hilly areas of munnar. The Kundale Golf Club course is located in between old tea plantations. The lovely scenaries, the green carpet, the hills and fragrance of tea are pleasant enough to attract golfers.The greens were surrounded with wires to prevent wild animals from spoiling the greens.Kundala tea plantations are situated here.s a panoramic view of the catchment area of the Kundala Dam. The reservoir adjoined to the Kundala Dam has boating facilities. Kundala Lake and Aruvikkad Waterfall are the nearby attractions of this tourist spot.....more
Devikulam Hill Station
Devikulam Hills Station is located at an altitude of about 1000 meters from sea level and at a distance of 13km south west of Munnar, down the Munnar-Kumily Highway, SH 19, at Idukki District, this gorgeous hill station symbolises nature in her pristine glory. The crisp and cool mountain air heavily laden with the fragrance of wild flowers and rare herbs is any nature lover's paradise. A small dreamy hill station in the Idukki district of Kerala, Devikulam can be reached by a sharp ascent along the mountainous path, 149 km (4 ½ hours) from Kochi and 132 km (4 hours) from Kottayam. Devikulam is pleasant and cool through the summer months and chill by winter making it the ideal destination to escape the sweltering summers and the cozy retreat of winters.....more
Munnar Hill Station
Munnar hills is situated at a distance of 70 km from Idukki is altitude of 5000 to 8000 Ft above sea level. and is situated at the confluence of three mountain streams - Mudrapuzha, Nallathani & Kundala. This beautiful hill station was once the summer resort of the erstwhile British Government in South India. Sprawling Tea plantations, picture book towns, winding lanes, and holiday facilities make this a popular resort town.Munnar also has the highest peak in South India - Anamudi , which towers over 2695 m. Anamudi is an ideal spot for trekking. The high ranges of Munnar were earlier known as Kannan Devan Hills,named after a certain Kannan Devan,who had been land lord in the Anchanad Valley on the eastern side of the district.....more
Peerumedu Hill Station
Peermade is another glorious addition to the list of panoramic hill stations in Kerala, Situated 915 m above sea level in Idukki district , Peermade is on the way to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. This pleasant hill station was once the summer retreat of the Maharajas of Travancore. Peermade is indeed a cool hill resort in Kerala. Here you will find sprawling tea, coffee, cardamom, rubber and eucalyptus plantations side by side with natural grasslands and pine forests.The Sufi saint and an associate of the rulers Peer Mohammed lends his name to Peermade. Peermade thus means the hill of the Peer. Peermade has since long attracted the trekkers, nature lovers, picnickers alike. As a hill resort Peermade has also been providing refuge to the sun scorched souls from the plains.....more
Vagamon Hill Station
Vagamon hill station is sitauted at Vagamon, idukki district, Kerala, At an altitude of 1100 m and 65 km from Idukki district and 60 km from Kottayam.The ambience of Vagamon cannot be explained in words. This is something one has to experience oneself. Lying at an altitude of 1100 m above the sea level, the Vagamon Hill station provides unlimited holidaying facilities all year except for a little while during monsoons.The lush green hills have a picturesque view of beautiful tea gardens, green meadows and valleys filled with mist. Known as one of the most literate place in Kerala.. The rising number of tourists and fully booked rooms in the hotels are just some of the indicators of rising popularity for this hill station.....more
Anamudi Shola National Park
Anamudi Shola National Park is situated in Marayoor Village, Devikulam taluk, Idukki district. The Anamudi Shola National Park constitutes the Mannavan shola, Idivara shola and Pullardi shola, covering a total area of around 750 hectares. Anamudi Shola National Park is one of the few national parks in Kerala which have been declared protected areas by the Government of Kerala very recently.It is a part of Anamalai sub-cluster which was recently nominated for World Heritage Site under UNESCO’s World Heritage Programme.Currently Anamudi Shola National Park is being administered under the Kerala Department of Forests and Wildlife. This Kerala Department of Forests and Wildlife is a division of the Munnar Wildlife.....more
Eravikulam National Park
The Eravikulam National Park (15 kms from Munnar) is 97 sq. km. in extent, is situated in the Devikulam Taluk of the Idukki District. The Park holds the largest viable population of the endangered (IUCN) Nilgiri Tahr (Hemitragus hylocrius).Apart from tahr, the Park is the abode of other little known fauna such as Nilgiri marten, ruddy mongoose,small clawed otter,dusky striped sqirrel etc. Anamudi, the highest peak (2695 m) south of the Himalayas, towers over the sanctuary in majestic pride. The slopes of the hills abound in all kinds of rare flora and fauna. The Atlas moth, the largest of its kind in the world, is a unique inhabitant of the park. Other rare species of fauna found here are the Nilgiri Langur, the lion-tailed macaque, leopards, tigers, etc.An ideal place for trekking, facilities are provided here and tourists are allowed to go on foot up to Anamudi.....more
Mathikettan Shola National Park
Mathikettan Shola National Park is located at Poopara village near Udumbanchola, Idukki District.Mathikettan Shola National Park is a 12.82 km² , This tract, comprising part of the Cardamom Hill Reserve (CHR), had been notified as a Reserve Forest by the Travancore Government in 1897. Part of the land, prior to becoming a national park, had been leased out for the production of Cardamom. It was declared a National Park on Nov 21, 2003 to protect its ecological, faunal, floral and geographical wealth and its environment. Plan your adventure holiday or vacation with the information and reviews by users and experts. Find out about when to go, how to get there, what to do, best season to visit, its wildilfe, habitat and much more.....more
Pampadum Shola National Park
Pampadum Shola National Park is sitauted in Marayoor Village,Devikulam taluk, Idukki District, Kerala.This is the smallest National Park in the state covers only an area of 1.32 sq km.The Forest Department proposed that 32 square kilometres of mountain slopes contiguous to the Pampadum Shola National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Anaimudi Shola National Park and the proposed Palani Hills national park be declared as sanctuary. he proposed name of the national park is Pampadum Shola National Park. It was on November 20th, previous year that the state government notification declared Mathikettan Shola region as a National Park.There are a number of other wildlife sanctuaries and national parks which are situated in the vicinity of this new Pampadum Shola National Park. .....more
Periyar National Park
The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is located at Thekkady, about 4 km from Kumili in Idukki district of Kerala, Situated within the confines of the Western Ghats Periyar National Park Kerala and Tiger Reserve is one of the most captivating wildlife parks in the world. Elephant in Periyar is another major attraction. In 1895, the British undertook water resource management plans for the area and started work on a dam and an artificial lake under the auspices of Col. J. Pennycuick. The picturesque lake in the heart of the sanctuary was originally 26 sq km but now spans an area of 55 sq km. This perennial source of water, which initially led to the submersion of large tracts of forestland, slowly attracted wild animals.....more
Cheruthoni River
Cheruthoni river is located 5 km from Painavu, Idukki district, It is the major tributary of the Periyar River, the longest river in Kerala state south India.Cheruthoni River is now more known for being a adjacent to the `Idukki Arch Dam' and Cheruthoni dam. These dams along with Kulamavu Dam makes the Idukki Hydel resorvoir. The Idukki sanctuary is located in the forest land between the Cheruthoni river and the Periyar river. Cheruthoni is part of Vazhathope Panchayat, in Idukki District of Kerala. Other villages adjacent to Cheruthoni are Vazhathope, Thadiyanpadu, Karimban, Manjappara, Maniyarankudi, Bhoomiyamkulam, Peppara, Manjikkavala, Painavu, and several others.....more
Periyar River
The Periyar River is located in idukki district, It is second longest river in the state of Kerala in India with a length of 244 km. The Idukki Dam is built across the river and generates the major chunk of electrical power for the state from its many big and small hydroelectric projects. It rises in the Western Ghats range near the border with Tamil Nadu state and flows north to Periyar Lake near Kottayam. The lake, 12 square miles (31 square km) in area, is an artificial reservoir created by damming the river. It lies at an elevation of about 2,800 feet (850 metres), is ringed by mountain peaks, and is surrounded by a wildlife sanctuary. It flows north through Periyar National Park into Periyar Lake, an artificial reservoir created in 1895 by the construction of a dam across the river.....more
Attukal Waterfall
Attukal Waterfalls (9 km from Munnar) : A panorama of waterfalls and rolling hills, Attukal, located between Munnar and Pallivasal, is a feast for the eyes.
The place is also ideal for long treks and must be visited for its charming sceneries, glittering waterfalls and rolling hills is a feast for the eyes, The place is also ideal for long trekking and hiking but assumes a cascading and roaring beauty during the monsoons. Two other waterfalls by the name of Cheeyappara Falls and Valara Falls also lure tourists by their bewitching beauty.
The beautiful Attukal waterfall offers a lovely respite for the weary traveller. A beautiful sight of waterfalls and rolling hills can be seen here. And Attukal Bhagavathy Temple is one most attraction place in munnar .....more
Cheeyappara Waterfall
This beautiful waterfalls is located near Kochi between Neriamangalam and Adimali on the Kochi - Madurai highway and comprise a chain of waterfalls amid dense green jungles. The Cheeyappara Falls cascades down in seven steps. It is a real feast for the eyes. This is also a great place for trekking.. Needless to say, these spots are popular with most tourists visiting Kerala.. The Cheeyappara Falls cascades down in seven steps. It is a real feast for the eyes. This is also a great place for trekking......more
Keezharkuth Waterfall
Keezharkuth Waterfall is located 25 km away from Thodupuzha, Idukki district.The Rainbow waterfalls, which cascade down a rock from a height of about 1500 mt is a wonderful attraction of this spot,the fall is a wonderful attraction for the tourists round the year. The forest around this spot is home to various medicinal plants. It is an ideal place for rock climbing, mountaineering, camping and trekking..Attukal (9 km from Munnar in Idukki)A panorama of waterfalls and rolling hills, Attukal, located between Munnar and Pallivasal, is a feast for the eyes. The place is also ideal for long treks.....more
Thommankuthu Waterfall
Thommankuthu Falls is 20 km from in Thodupuzha,idukki district, and 74 km from Kochi, the mesmerizing Thommankuthu or Ezhunilakuthu is a series of 12 falls spread over a distance of 5 km. The seven-step falls are surrounded by a number of mysterious caves. At each step, there is a cascade and a pool beneath.Its Falling from a height of 1,500 m, the difference between the first and last fall is about 500 m. Named after Thomban, a tribal leader who was washed away near the waterfall while crossing a river, Thommankuthu is in the Kaliyar Forest Range. The wild beauty of the
waterfall and the good surroundings attracts the tourists.....more
Nyayamakad Waterfalls10 Kms from Munnar, located between Munnar and Rajamala Nyamkad is a land of breathtaking waterfalls. The Water cascades down a hill from a height of about 1600 meters, the enchanting surrounding make an excellent picnic spot and trekking point. Nyayamakad is a land of scintillating waterfalls with water cascading down a height of around 1,600 metres. Pallyvasal Hydel Power Project and the tea plantations are other attractions.....more
Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary
The Idukki Wildlife sanctuary is located about 40 km from Thodupuzha in the Idukki district in Kerala, India and is spread over an area of 77 square kilometers. This wildlife park includes the regions Idukki Wildlife of Udumpanchola and Thodupuzha districts of Kerala, India. The Idukki wildlife park in Kerala, India came into existence in the year 1976.There is a lake located within the Idukki wildlife sanctuary that is worth visiting during your wildlife tours to this wildlife sanctuary.The terrain at the Idukki wildlife sanctuary is characterized by steep mountains, valleys and hills. The artifical lake that is the Kizhakkilachimala Lake adds to the scenic beauty of this lovely wildlife sanctuary.....more
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is located at Thekkady, about 4 km from Kumili in Idukki district of Kerala. The Periyar wildlife sanctuary is one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries of not only Kerala but also India. It is known more for elephants. The Sanctuary is situated on the banks of the Periyar Lake. In this region, dense evergreen, moist deciduous forests and savannah grasslands surround the ranges of Western Ghats. This provides a favorable environment to the herds of elephants, sambars, tigers, gaurs, lion tailed macaques and Nilgiri langurs. One can enjoy elephant ride at the sanctuary and also go on trekking to the Mangaladevi Periyar Wildlife Sanctuarytemple, situated in the center of the Thekkady forests.....more