Kadalundi bird sanctuary is located at kadalundi, Malappuram district, Kerala, India. Kadalundi bird sanctuary is the haven giving shelter to more than a hundred varieties of native birds. Every year, over 60 species of migratory birds congregate here in large numbers. Blessed with dense leafy vegetation, silver streams and landscaped surroundings, a tour to Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is a treat to all bird lovers.From chirping songs of birds to the colorful vistas of the forested land, a travel to Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is an unforgettable experience.This is a bird sanctuary spread over a group of islands in an area dotted with hillocks in the estuary of the Kadalundi river Besides species of birds.This sanctuary is blessed with natural resources. The Kadalundipuzha empties into the Arabian Sea here. The climate here, too, is very favourable for a day’s visit.This place has adopted several scientific methods that avoid any harm and facilitate the habits and habitats of the innumerable birds flocking into the sanctuary every year.

The sanctuary is also known for a wide variety of Fish, Mussels and Crabs. Birds like woodpecker, black bulbul, jungle fowl, laughing thrush, myna, kingfisher and peafowl. Terns, Gulls, Herons, Sandpipers, Whimbrels, and other migratory birds flock the place from the month of November and return only by the end of April. Trekking, photography, picnicking and many other activities can be done here.Around February – April, you can see loads of migratory birds flocking to the estuary and mangroves here.

Location info:

Address: Kadalundi , Malappuram district Kerala, India
District: Malappuram district
Nearest City: Kadayanallur, Khozikode and Malapurram.
Best time to visit: December to May.


Climate is Humaid and Tropical. And the Temparature in Summer32.6 °C and in Winter21.4°C.



Interesting things to do:

You can see find, wide variety of fish, mussels and crabs, Trekking, photography, picnicking and many other activities you acn do here, Watch different kind of birds here.

Interesting things to Visit:

Thikkoti Light House:

Thikkoti Light House is situated in Calicut. It is one of the most interesting monuments that can be found in India. There is a very interesting history concerning Thikkoti Light House. According to the history, Thikkoti Light House was built on the remains of a shipwreck that was from a boat that crashed near the rocky shore.

Kozhikode Beach:

Whenever you travel to Calicut in India, there are many BirdsSanctuary there that are perfect for a romantic setting. Kozhikode Beach is one of these BirdsSanctuary and you can be sure that the romantic scene will be coupled with the beautiful sunsets on the piers of Kozhikode Beach.


This small town, 13 Kms from Malappuram is the home of the famed Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala, one of the pioneer institutions of Ayurveda in India. Ayurveda, Indian’s unique science of life and medicine, has a major role in attracting tourists to Kerala. In a large number of cases, Ayurveda is responsible for persuading foreign travelers to visit the State.

Kadalundi River:

Kadalundi River is situated 20km, away from city, Malappuram district. It originates from the Western Ghats at the western border of the Silent Valley and flows through the district of Malappuram. It has two main tributaries namely Olipuzha and Veliyar.

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Nearest Railway Station:

Kozhikode Railway Station

Nearest Airport:

Karipur International Airport

Road Transport:

The district of Malappuram is well connected to all the major towns Kerala by the road from where Kozhikode is 50 Km and Palakkad is 90 Km.

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this place is Just 18 Kms away from Nilambur where the rain forest flourish, elephants and other wild animals can be viewed from the wooden rest house built by the British. An elephant-taming center, which still attracts visitors from all climes, Half an hour drive through the dense forests, leads to Mancherri, the settlement of Chola Naikars, a primitive tribe.


This Padinharekara, the lovely beach is close to Ponnani and at the end point of the Tippu Sultan road. It offers a breath taking view of the confluence of the river Bharathapuzha and Tirurpuzha with the Arabian sea.


20 Kms from Malappuram is another cultural center in the district. The Thali temple is located about 3 Kms west of Agadipuram as the way to Malappuram from Perinthalmanna. The Thirumandhamkunnu temple is dedicated to goddess Durga.


The small coastal fishing town of Tanur has one of the earliest Portuguese settlements, situated 8 Kms from Tirur. It is believed that St. Francis Xavier visited the place in 1546.


Ponnani, the coastal town is famous for trade from ancient times. Now it gains importance as a prominent fishing centre Ponnani is also famous for the ancient Muslim mosque.


Manjeri is a city and a municipality in Malappuram district in the Indian state of Kerala. It is the commercial capital of Malappuram district and is 25 km from Calicut International Airport and 50 km from Kozhikode railway station. It was a live centre of the National movement.


This Thirunavaya is just 8 km from the city, This one of those places that has gone down the history of Kerala. This has remained the venue for the ancient but popular traditional event called Mamankam. This unique performance that ultimately led to the choosing of a suitable ruler for Kerala.


Tirurangadi was an important center of the Khilaphath movement, the national movement and the Malabar Rebellion. It was the Tirurangadi incident on 20th August 1921, that ignited the out-break of Malabar Rebellion.

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Petrol Pump
NH 17, Kozhikode

Kottooli Petrol Pump
NH 17, Kozhikode

Kovoor Petrol Pump
SH 24, Kozhikode

Petrol Pump
NH 212, Vellimadukunnu
Calicut, Kozhikode

Reliance Petrol Pump
NH 17, Kottakkal
Kerala State.

Petrol pump Changuvetty
Changuvetti, Kerala State.


Hotel Asma Tower
NH 17, Kozhikode
Kerala 673004
Tel: 09847611275.

Hotel Kadavu Resort
NH 17 Calicut Bye Pass Road
Post Office Feroke College
Calicut 673 632
Tel: 0483 2830023.

Taj Residency Hotel
PT Usha Rd,
Kozhikode, Kerala 673032
Tel: 0495 2765354.

Sagar Hotel
NH 17, Calicut
Kozhikode, Kerala
Tel: 0495 2720152.

Span Hotel
MM Ali Road, Calicut
Kozhikode, Kerala
Tel: 0495 2700037.

Hotel Alakapuri
MM Ali Road, Calicut,
Kozhikode, Kerala
Tel: 0495 2723451.

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Police Station:

Nallalam Police Station

City Trafiic Police Station
Pavamani Road, Calicut
Kozhikode, Kerala.

Nadakkavu Police Station
NH 17, Kozhikode

Chevayur Police Station
A. R. Camp Road, Vellimadukunnu
Kozhikode, Kerala 673012.

Tirur Police Station
Tirur, Malappuram

Police Station
Malappuram, Kerala
Tel: 0483 2767496

Nearest Hospital:

Baby Memorial Hospital
Kozhikode, Kerala
Tel: 0495 2723272.

Calicut Medical College Hospital
Kozhikode Kerala.

MIMS Hospital
SH 54, Kozhikode

PVS Hospital
Railway Station Road
Kozhikode, Kerala
Tel: 0495 2705045.

Ashoka Hospital
Bank Road, NH 17
Calicut, Kozhikode
Kerala 673001, India
Tel: 0495 2721123.

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Padinharekara Beach
Padinharekara Beach is Nestled near Ponnani, lying at the end of Tipu Sultan road, This is one of the most popular beaches in Kerala. Padinharekara Beach, also known as Padinjarekara Beach. This beach of Kerala is well-known as it offers a breathtaking view of the confluence of the River Bharatha, River Tirur and the Arabian Sea. Padinharekara Beach is one of those rare beautiful beaches that have always attracted the tourists for their natural beauty. The Padinharekara Beach has stretches of clear white sands bordered by rows of elegant palm trees. If you are on a trip to Kerala you must avail of the opportunity and visit the Padinharekara Beach. Padinharekara Beach has a unique charm with its endless miles of white sands and sun kissed palmtrees.....more
Vallikunnu Beach
Vallikunnu Beach is one of the beautiful Beach in malapuram District, Kerala, Situated amidst a thick coconut grove, the Vallikunnu beach is truly a marvel of nature. As you curl up with a book or take a lazy stroll along the sandy stretch, you are surely going to have a pleasant time at the Vallikunnu beach. A beach resort set in the middle of a coconut grove is the main attraction here. With its secluded beauty, the Vallikunnu beach is also a great place to indulge in a quick game of volleyball before splashing into the warm water for a refreshing swim. Besides, our Vallikunnu beach tours also provide with you the perfect opportunity to visit the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary that is just a short distance away from the beach.....more
Malappuram City
Malappuram District is a district in the south Indian state of Kerala. The district headquarters is at Malappuram.The district was formed on 16 June 1969.It is unique in that it is the only Muslim majority district in India.Malappuram is situated 50 km southeast of Kozhikode. Bounded by the Nilgiri hills on the east, the Arabian sea on the west and Thrissur and Palakkad districts on the south, Malappuram is enriched by three great rivers flowing through it - the Chaliyar, the Kadalundi and the Bharathapuzha. They are seen in the many examples of Indo European architecture that still exist here.Malappuram is a district in Kerala. The lush greenery, rivers, hills, and forests are the beautiful assets of Malappuram. The place offers colourful festivals and various adventurous activities. The tourists of Malappuram can enjoy the sight seeing of Padinharekara beach.....more
Poonthanam Illam
Poonthanam Illam is situated in Kizhattoor, near Perinthalmanna, Malappuram district, Kerala.It is on the Perinthalmanna - Nilamboor route , 60 kms away from Guruvayur at Poonthanam. This is the house of Poonthanam Namboothiri, an exponent of the Krishna cult of the Bhakthi movement, known for his work, Janappana (song of knowledge).The Poonthanam Day and Navarathri are the main festivals. On the Poonthanam day, special cultural programmes and literary seminars are arranged in the Poonthanam illam. Another deity which is worshiped in the illam is the image of Thirumandamkunnu Bhagavathy. Vishnu is the main deity here. But it is more famous for another deity of Lord Krishna, which was once worshipped by the great poet Poonthanam himself.....more
Jamat Mosque
Jamat Mosque is located in Malappuram district, kerala.The Jama-at-Mosque of Malappuram is an important landmark worth visiting on a trip to the backwaters of Kerala. The eager tourist will come across the beautiful Malappuram if they will trot a distance of 12 kilometers to the south west of Manjeri and 52 kilometers to the south west of Kozhikode.The Jama-at mosque is important for Kerala Muslims. The annual Nercha festival of the mosque is celebrated for four days in April. Adjoining the mosque is a mausoleum of the Malappuram Shaheeds whose brave exploits have been immortalised in Mappilla Ballads.The aesthetics of the mosque displays the intricacies of a Hindu shrine.....more
Pazhayangadi Mosque
Pazhayangadi Mosque is Pazhayangadi, Malappuram district, Kerala.The 500 year old Pazhayangadi Mosque (Kondotty mosque), in north Kerala is one of the prominent pilgrim centre of the Muslim society in Kerala. The legacy of the muslim holy man, Muhammad Shah, is intertwined with this mosque. This brings in its wake exotic festivities that is ineluctable. The visitors flock to the gothic age monument to savor the vibrant history of Kerala.The best time to visit the Pazhayangadi Mosque is during the colorful extravaganza of the Valiya Nercha, month of February or March draws crowds from far and wide.he Mughal style architecture Mosque has a lovely white dome and convoluted filigree work.....more
Kadalundy River
Kadalundi River is situated 20km, away from city, Malappuram district. It originates from the Western Ghats at the western border of the Silent Valley and flows through the district of Malappuram. It has two main tributaries namely Olipuzha and Veliyar. The Kadalundi River drains an area of 1274 km² and has a length of 120 km. The Kadalundi River rail disaster was one of the biggest accidents on the Indian railway network in 2001. On 21 July, the Mangalore Mail commuter train heading for Chennai was crossing the Kadalundi River in the state of Kerala near Calicut on Bridge 924, when four carriages derailed and fell into the river......more
Adyanpara Waterfall
Adyanpara waterfall is located in Kurumbalangode village, Nilambur taluk, Malappuram district, Kerala. Adyanpara is natural waterfall originated from surrounding jungles and the splendour of its lush surrounding jungles.Having its origin from the ever flowing streams of the evergreen forests, this waterfall is live even when the climate is dry. This is a cascading type of waterfall and attracts tourists from the surrounding places.The nearby forests are rich in vegetation and wild animals.This waterfall is a spectacle of unrivalled grandeur.....more