The Waynad Wildlife Sanctuary in the southern Indian state, that is in Tholpetty, Waynad district of Kerala. A part of the Waynad Plateau, this wildlife park in Kerala is famous for its tigers and leopards along with the other wildlife that one can find during holidays in Waynad. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary comprises two districts of Kerala i.e. in the north; it is a part of the Cannanore district while its southern part is located in the Calicut district. The park extends from the latitude 11°15' in the North to the longitude 76°30' in the East. There is a good road network that connects the sanctuary with the other important places in Kerala. If you are in Wayanad on your Kerala tour, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit. The sanctuary is part of the Wayanad plateu and is home to tigers, leopards, elephants and a number of other animals. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is located 16 kilometres east of Sultan's Battery and is also known as Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is adjacent to Bandipur National Park, which is in Karnataka and Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and is rich in bio diversity.

The sanctuary was formed in the year 1973 and was brought under the Project Elephant in the year 1991-92. Occupying an area of 345 sq km, the Waynad Wildlife Sanctuary happens to be the second largest one in the state of Kerala. The sanctuary is separated into two disconnected parts known as the Upper Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (Tholpetty) in the north and Lower Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (Muthanga) in the south. The area in between the two parts was orginally a forest region, though it is now occupied majorly by plantations. The term Wayanad literally means 'land of swamps'. A visit to the Sanctuary offers tourists a chance to witness the efforts made by the management to conserve the biological reserve of the park. The scenic beauty and the variety of flora and fauna also keep the visitors busy and entertained. the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary of Kerala is famous for its tigers and leopards along with the other wildlife that one can find here. The sanctuary is an extension of the Bandipur National Park in Kerala at its southern border. The region, which is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, was notified in the year 1973 as a Wildlife Sanctuary. The Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary houses animals of the genre of civet cat, panthers, tigers, bisons, wild dogs, and elephants, which are star attractions for the adventurers who have an inclination towards outdoor tourism.Rich in bio-diversity, the sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reservem, Which has been established with the specific objective of conservating the biological heritage of the region. Interestingly, it was from here that Pazhassi Raja fought valiantly against the British. Consisting entirely of notified reserve, the sanctuary is very rich in fauna and flora. The management of the sanctuary lays emphasis on scientific conservation with due consideration to the general lifestyle of the Tribals and others who live on the frings of the forest consideration to the general lifestyle of the Tribals and others who live on the frings of the forest.

In addition to exceptional natural beauty and amazing wildlife of the sanctuary, there are several interesting tourist attractions in the region. On tours to Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala, you can visit the enchanting Chembra Peak, the highest peak in Wayanad, offering ideal conditions for trekking. Other must visit tourist attractions here includes the Edakkal Caves with some interesting ancient carvings on the walls representing human and animal figures, Kuruva Island, Pookat Lake and Sentinel Rock waterfalls. Visitors can also enjoy exciting elephant rides in the lush surroundings of the sanctuary.
While planning your trip to Wayanad keep in mind that the best time to visit the wildlife sanctuary is from August to May. During the rest of the year the monsoons, heat and cold affect the flora and fauna. In terms of accommodation the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary offers rest houses, tourist lodges and hotels. Though the accommodation options are comfortable they are not luxurious. The basic facilities are available in the most of them. The forest department maintains many of the lodges and the rest houses in the vicinity of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.

Location info:

Address:Tholpetty, Wayanad District, Kerala, India
District: Wayanad District
Nearest City: Kalpetta, Meppadi, Muttil, Meenangadi, Sultan Battery, Vythiri.
Best time to visit: November to May.


Almost its a cool place,So Temparature in Summer: 37 (Max) & 21 (Min) Degrees Celsius and in Winter: 29(Max) & 10 (Min) Degrees Celsius.



Interesting things to do:

Enjoy Jeep Safaris, bird Watching, Trekking and take the picture of Animal, Birds and trees.

Interesting things to Visit:

Edakkal Caves:

Edakkal Caves are two natural caves located 1000 metres high on Ambukutty Mala 25 km from Kalpetta in the Wayanad district of Kerala in India"s Western Ghats. They lie on an ancient trade route connecting the high mountains of Mysore to the Malabar coast ports. Inside the caves are pictorical writings believed to be from neolithic man, evidence of the presence of a prehistoric civilisation existing in this region. Such stone age carvings are very rare and these are the only known examples in southern India.


The labyrinth of Pakshipathalam is another fascinating trek. Pakshipathalam is the abode of various exotic birds & wild beasts. This is a challenging tourist spot for any adventure-seeking tourist. Wayanad is within easy reach of five wildlife preserves. Bandipur, Nagerhole, Muthanga, Begur and Tholpatty. These wildlife sanctuaries are home to many species of birds and wild animals. You can sight a spotted deer or a solitary tusker. Or the greatest hunter of them all - the tiger.

Wayanad Heritage Museum:

The Wayanad Heritage Museum is home to a collection of archeological finds that highlight the history, culture and heritage of the Wayanad region.
Exhibits at the Wayanad Heritage Museum include sculptures of deities from the 14th to 16th C, headgear, weapons, pottery, jewelry, fish traps, and artifacts associated with tribal life. The figure of Nandi and other deities were collected from various parts of the region.

Sultan Bathery :

Located in the Wayanad district, Sultan Bathery is a small town that derives its present name from the famous ruler Tipu Sultan of Mysore. He built a fort over here in the 18th century. It is also known as Sultan Battery of Wayanad district. Though the fort does not remain any more, the place is worth the visit for the famous Jain Temple. The place was previously known by the name of Ganapathivattom.

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Nearest Railway Station:

Kozhikode Railway Station

Nearest Airport:

Karipur international airport at Kozhikode

Road Transport:

The sanctuary is demarcated into the upper and lower regions. To reach upper Wayanad from Kozhikode, take the NH212 to Kalpetta. From there, take the state highway to Kartikulam via Mananthavady from where a district road will take you to Tholpetty. To reach from Bangalore, take the state highway to Mysore via Maddur and Mandya. From here, follow the NH212 to Sulthan Bathery via Gundlupet.

Nearest Visiting places:

Meenmutty Water Falls:

Meenmutty Falls is located 29 km from Kalpetta in Wayanad District in the state of Kerala, India. It is a three-tiered waterfall with a height of 300 metres.Meenmutty Falls, the largest and most spectacular waterfall in the Wayanad District, is a 2 km hike though the jungle from the main Ooty Road.It is Kerala"s second largest waterfall and the one most unspoiled in its natural setting.

Soochipara Falls:

The Soochippara waterfalls are situated near Meppadi and are real treasures of nature. The waterfall ranged from 100 to 300 feet in height and is a luxury to the eyes. This is a prominent place for leisurely destination. And this place is a blessed place as its divinity is obvious in the beauty of the nature.This falls is around 22 km from Kalpetta.

Sentinel rocks falls:

Locally known as Soochipara, this is a very popular leisure destination. While younger visitors love to romp in the pool formed at the foot of the fall, the more restrained can have equally good fun just taking in the scenery.

Banasura sagar project:

Banasura sagar project-21 kms north east of Kalpetta. Situated at Padinjarathara. A mini hydel project with the largest earth dam in India and the second largest in Asia is being built here. The Banasura project precincts are an ideal starting point for treks to the Banasura Peak.

Seetha Lava Kusha Temple:

Seetha Lava Kusha Temple-This is the only temple dedicated to Lava and Kusha, the sons of Lord Rama. Local legends connect this region with many important episodes from the Ramayana. As the favoured shrine of the Pazhassi Raja, this temple has traditionally permitted entry to devotees from all faiths.


The gateway of Wayanad, is situated 700 mts above the mean sea level, at the crust of Thamarassery Ghat pass. Lofty peaks, gurgling streams and luxurious forests add magic to the journey up the winding roads to this hill station.

Chain Tree:

Even today, a chain still hangs from a Banyan tree to mark the spot where a British Colonialist murdered an Adivasi tribesman


Pakshipathalam is 7 km towards the north-east of Thirunelli Temple, in the Wayanad district in Kerala. Pakshipathalam is snuggled nearly 1740m above the sea level and a heaven for passionate bird lovers. With moist deciduous forests traveling to Pakshipathalam is a venture. Steep hills, streamlets and trekking make this place an ideal picnic spot.


Papanashini meaning "Washing of sins" is a river in Kerala. Papanashini has a story of its origin. Lord Brahma was making Vishnu’s idol and at the same time Garuda with a pot of nectar called Amrit Kumbha reached the installation place. When Garuda was completing his circling, one drop of Amrita fell into the stream, and hence the stream obtained the power of purification. After this incident, the stream was referred as Papanashini.

Mananthavady Park :

Mananthavady Park is situated on the banks of the Mananthavady puzha. The park is also known for its bat colony. The attempts by the authorities to get rid of the bats lead to protests by environmental activists.

Valliyoorkkavu :

This Temple is dedicated to Mother Goddess and is worshipped in three principal forms of Vana Durga, Bhadrakali and Jala Durga It is the most important place of worship for the tribal communities

Pookot Lake:

The most important tourist destination in Wayanad, Pookot Lake is a natural fresh-water lake nestled amidst evergreen forests and wooded slopes.

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Petrol Pump
Kalpetta,Mananthavadi Rd,
kasargod, kerala.


Jungle Retreat Wayanad
Thirunelli Tholpetty Road
Thirunelli, Wayanad
Kerala 682398
Tel: 09620310449.

Aritagiri Hotel & Ayurvedic Village
Kerala 673576
Tel: 022 66181940.

Wayanad Hotels/Resorts
No.174/6, K.C Building
Ambalavayal, Kalpetta
Kerala 67312
Tel: 09947474888.

Meenmutty resorts
chellangode, wayanad
kalpetta, Kerala 67312
Tel: 0495 4017113.

Wayanad Hotels & Resort
Muthanga, Kambakody,Nenmeny Kunn
Sultan Batheri, Wayanad
Kerala 673595
Tel: 094 46018101.

Green Magic Nature Resort 2
Meppadi, Wayanad
Kerala 673577
Tel: 0487 2420556.

Tropical ForRest Homestays
Opp. Oriental School of Management
Lakkidi, Wayanad
Kerala 673576
Tel: 0495 2370010.

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Police Station:

Pothuckal police station
Pothuckal, Chungathara

Chevayur Police Station
A. R. Camp Road, Vellimadukunnu
Calicut, Kozhikode
Kerala 673012.

Nearest Hospital:

Homoeo Hospital
Kalpetta, Wayanad, Kerala State.

Assumption Hospital
Sultan Bathery, Wayanad, Kerala.

Vinayaka Hospital
Sultan Bathery, Wayanad,
Tel: 04936 220102.

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Edakkal Cave
Edakkal Caves is located at Ambukuthi Hill in between Sulthan Batheri and Ambalavayal, Wayanad district, Kerala. The name “Edakkal” literally means “a stone in between”, and this describes how the cave is formed by a heavy boulder straddling a fissure in the rock. Inside the cave is on two levels, the lower chamber measures about 18 feetlong by 12 feet wide and 10 feet high and can be entered through an opening of 5 x 4 feet.A travel tour to Kerala, showcases a vast variety of architectural and natural marvels at the disposal of a seeking out traveler who needs to be informed about attractions like the Edakkal cave treasure.....more
Wayanad City
Wayanad is situated in an elevated scenic mountainous plateau in Western Ghats. Wayanad lies between north latitude 11degree 26'28'' and 11degree 48'22'' and east longitude 75 degree 46'38'' and 76 degree 26'11''. Providing a panorama of undulating mist clad hills and a dale, Wayanad is blessed with an exclusive geographical position.Wayanad is well known for the luxuriant plantations of coffee, tea, cardamom, pepper and rubber, which are strewn all over the hills.....more
Banasura Sagar Dam
The Banasura Sagar Dam is located 21 km from Kalpetta, Waynad district which impounds the Karamanathodu tributary of the Kabini River, is part of the Indian Banasurasagar Project consisting of a dam and a canal project started in 1979.This is the largest earth dam in India. The topography here is such that many islands will be formed in the upstream of the dam when the dam is full. These islands with the background of the Banasura hill will provide a hypnotizing sight to tourists.....more
Pakshipathalam Hill Station
Pakshipathalam Hill Station is located around 7 kms to the north eastern portion of Thirunelli and about 66 km from Kalpetta, Wayanad district, north Kerala on a Altitude of 1740m above sea level.A trekkers' paradise, this place is accessibe only by trekking. This hill station offers great opportunities for bird watching. One has to trek 17 kms through the wild forests, to reach 'Pakshipathalam'. A cave which rishis (saints) are believed to have used for meditation in ancient times, has become a major attraction for tourists.One can watch rare species of birds from the watchtower of the Bird sanctuary located nearby.....more
Vythiri Hill Station
Vythiri Hill Station is located in vythiri, sylvan Northern High Ranges of Kerala in Wayanad District. Since Vythiri is located at the high ranges, at an altitude of 4000 feet above sea level, the climate here is pleasantly cool throughout the year. Spread over an area of 150 sq. km.Vythiri Hill Station in Kerala Imagine walking around soft undulating hills, surrounded by lush green plantations in a weather that is wet, cool and a perfect complement to the pristine ambience all around. Tree Houses of Vythiri are the major tourist attraction that gives a unique and adventurous experience to its holidaymakers......more
Wayanad Hill Station
Located at an altitude of 700-2100 m above the sea level, Wayanad is a leading Tourist destination of Kerala, South India. Known for its luxurious plantations of rubber, coffee, tea, cardamom, and pepper that stretch over the hills of Wayanad as long as eye can see, Wayanad is one of the most rejuvenating places in South India. The hill ranges of Vythiri taluk (taluk is a sub division of a district), through which the road from Kozhikhode ascends the Wayanad plateau over the astonishing bends and ridges, are the highest locations of the district.....more
Kuruvadweep Island
Kuruva Dweep Island is situated on the tributaries of the river kabani and is a fabulous picnic spot. Its serene silence and wide expanse of the evergreen forest leaves you astonishing. This island is isolated but an array of uncommon species of birds, herbs and orchids are the monarchs of Kuruva Island. Kuruva Island is 17 kms to the east of Mananthavady.Kuruva Island is a vast island of 950 acres abundantly rich with green forest. It is very far from the turbulence of city life making it an exotic place for visitors to relax and enjoy the beauty of the nature.....more
Pookkode Lake
Pookode Lake is sitauted about 3 km south of Vythiri, Wayanda District, Kerala, India.Pookode Lake is a scenic lake, The article refers to the Skeleton Lake in India.Pookode Lake - pookode Lake It is a natural fresh water lake, brimmed with ever green mountains. The lake is surrounded by forests, and boating is allowed. Recent commercial modernisations have removed some of its wilderness charms.The perennial fresh water lake, nestled among wooded hills, is a only one of its kind in Kerala.....more
Ambalavayal Museum
Ambalavayal Heritage Museum is situated in Ambalavayal, Near Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad district, Kerala.The Ambalavayal Heritage Museum, the archaeological museum in Wayanad,- has one of Kerala's largest collections of the remnants of an era dating back to the 2nd century A.D. Ambalavayal museum is a hot bed for historians, archeologists and common travelers alike. It exhibits the remnants of all the traces of a long lost civilization that flourished in the mountains of Wayanad. The museum is a veritable treasure trove of clay sculptures, ancient hunting artifacts, and other varied sculptures. They are a testimony to the fact that ancient human civilization existed here in an organized form.....more
Thirunelli Temple
Thirunelli Temple is located 30 kms north west of Mananthavadi in the Wayanad district, Thirunelli Temple is known as the "Kashi of South". Tucked away in the Brahmagiri Hills, Thirunelli Temple is encircled by the gurgling River Papanasini.Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the temple is an architectural marvel with 30 granite pieces supporting the shrine and the floor paved with huge square granite blocks.The 'Koothambalam' here is one of the best in the State and rare paintings adorn the temple walls.....more
Chethalayam Waterfall
About 12 km from Sultan Bathery Pulpalli Main Road, near Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular tourist spot known as Chethalayam Waterfalls. Chethalayam is one of Wayanad's smaller waterfalls. It's surroundings offer a number of vantage points for bird-watching. It is also popular with trekking enthusiasts. One has to trek for about 4 km across hills to reach the scenic picnic spot. ere you can see elephants, spotted deer, guar, sambhar and sloth bear.For a glimpse of this lovely waterfall, one has to trek a distance of around 4 kms from Chethalayam.....more
Kanthanpara Waterfall
Kanthanpara Waterfalls is situated 12 km southeast of Kalpetta and 8 km east of Meppadi in Wayanad. The waterfall is surrounded on both sides by beautiful tea gardens. This magnificent 99 ft cataract is an ideal spot for a day-long picnic. The lesser known Kanthanpara Waterfall is only five minutes drive from Glenora Homestay in Wayanad. It's much more peaceful and less frequented than nearby Sentinel Rock Falls. The scintillating beauty of Wayanad with its undulating hills decked in green, unmolested by the menace of mass tourism and brimming with a wide range of flora and fauna is truly appealing to any lover of Nature.....more
Meenmutty Waterfall
Meenmutty Waterfalls is situated in Wayanad District and is 12 km east of Meppadi. It is a spectacular fall cascading in three tiers, down a height of about more than 300 m. A trekker's paradise, it has the distinction of being the second largest waterfall in Kerala.It is well connected by road with Kalpetta.On the way to the waterfalls, one could come across ample bird life, and many species of butterflies.Cascading over three stages and falling from a height of over 300 meters, Meenmutty is the tallest waterfall in Wayanad.....more
Sentinal Rock WaterFall
Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, a popular picnic spot, is located at Vellarimala village, near Chooralmala, in Wayanad District of Kerala. It cascades down from a height of 20 meters. The sentinel rock, 200 meters high, is ideal for rock climbing.Kalpetta is 22 km south.Sentinel Falls is a long series of cascades descending into Yosemite Valley alongside Sentinel Rock. It is a tiered waterfall consisting of 6 major drops totaling 1,920 feet (590 m), the longest single drop being 500 feet (150 m).It ranks on many lists as the twelfth highest waterfall in the world, although in truth it is roughly the 60th tallest, as most weaker waterfalls don't make it into such lists. Despite its immense height it has a relatively low drainage and is usually dry by July.....more
Soochipara Waterfall

The Soochippara waterfalls are situated near Meppadi and are real treasures of nature. The waterfall ranged from 100 to 300 feet in height and is a luxury to the eyes. This is a prominent place for leisurely destination. And this place is a blessed place as its divinity is obvious in the beauty of the nature.This falls is around 22 km from Kalpetta.The real treasure of nature Soochipara Falls is located near Mappadi with the water falling from a height of 100 to 300 ft amidst greenery. The advantage is the added flavor to the beauty of this place.This falls gives good pleasur eand wonderful opportunity for bathing, water rafting and swimming.there is no current at all so it is safe to swim.....more