Nearest Towns:

Thekkady, Madurai,Kodaikanna and Thodupuzha .

Location info: Thekkady, Madurai,Kodaikanna and Thodupuzha .

Distances: 65 km from Idukki district and 60 km from Kottayam,130 Kms from Cochin Kerala.
Camping Sites: A unique type of space with stream, rocky terrain and forest meet. This can be developed to a camping site, a small lake and a special abode
Trek Length: 1100 mts

Route Info:


    • Kochi                  120 kms. (3 ½ hrs )
    • Trivandrum        220 kms. (7 hrs )
    • Kottayam           60 kms. (1½ hrs )
    • Kumarakom       75 kms. (2 hrs )
    • Munnar               150 kms. (4 hrs )
    • Thekkady           60 kms. (1½ hrs )
    • Madurai              170 kms.
    • Kodaikanal         200 kms
  • Distance and time taken to reach Vagamon


Best Time To Visit:

October to May.

Worst Time To Visit:

Difficulty Level:



Vagamon hill station is sitauted at Vagamon, idukki district, Kerala.Vagamon Hill is one of the most mesmerizing hill stations in Kerala. Surrounded by three hills- Kuridumala hill, Murugan and Thangal hill, Vagamon Hill-Kerala is is known for its enchanting beauty. At an altitude of 1100 mts.Vagamon hill station is comprised of a beautiful series of hillocks, valleys and cascading waterfalls that make it the ideal getaway for tourists. Take a walk along the narrow, mist covered zigzag roads that wind up the hills and experience true bliss. For adventure seekers, there is an option of trekking, para gliding or rock climbing. The outlandish allure of the Vagamon hills lies in the wonderful beauty of nature and the trekking trails passing by the wooded area in Kerala is enticing. The serpentine paths ascending the hills give you a shiver when the cool breeze hugs and passes away.Have fun on the boat ride on the lakes or one can sit on the banks or hours and watch the sun go down. If lucky the tourists may spot wild animals like the elephants, wild buffalos and deer.The valleys full of flowers, hills covered with green all around, the exhilarating mountain air make Vagamon Hill a retreat from the hectic life and hustle bustle of the city life.The extensive spread out of tea plantations are a common feature on the Vagamon hills. The serene atmosphere and its elegant peaks amidst the lush vegetation is a striking beauty.Strolling through he nature walks in Vagamon, you might come across elephants frolicking in pools juts like that.

A small church over the top of the hill and the nearby Kurisumala Ashramam are must not be missed. Kurisumala Ashramam, in reality, is a monastery for Christian ascetics. They believe in the Christianity, Indian spiritual beliefs and the Gandhian philosophy.There are lots of accommodation in Vagamon Hill which can suit the needs of the traveler. One can take a pick from the luxurious resorts to the budget hotels based on the pocket and requirement of the accommodation. One such place is Ananya Hill Resorts which is one of the finest resorts of Vagamon Hill. This resort is well equipped with every modern facility to cater to the needs of the guests. The guests on a leisure trip or a corporate traveler- all are taken care of. The resort boasts of excellent service and impeccable service.

Things To Look for:


It is situated about 17 km on the east of Peermade and 28 km on the west of Thekkady. Pattumala means `Silk Mountain`. It has soft and gentle landscape, which is an entertaining region of soaring peaks and beautiful little streams.


This place attracts the adventurers and trekkers. This is also for those who love to be lost in the calm solitude of natural grandeur. The place has lush green scenery all around and is placed on the picturesque hills.


Kurisumala located in a distance of 5 km from Vagamon, is an important centre for Christian pilgrims with a church on the top of the hill. There are fourteen crosses on the pathway that leads to the church and commands eye-catching views of the surrounding countryside.

Kurisumala Ashram:

Kurisumala Ashram is a monastery on the hill. It has a small community, which follows Christian faith but combines with it the Indian spiritual customs and Gandhian thoughts.

Murugan Para:

Murugan Para is a rock-cut temple on the east of Kurisumala dedicated to Lord Murugan that exerts a pull on large number of worshippers.

Pine Forests:

The pine tree orchard in Kolahalamedu is a protected area. There are boards cautioning tourists to keep from cluttering the forest.

Thangal Para:

A unique rock formation, sacred to the Muslims located in the Thangal hill. Near the rock formation lies the the tomb (durgah) of Sheikh.


Rolling hills,tea and cardamom plantation welcome you to is one of the largest wildlife reserves in India,the Periyar wildlife sanctuary is more popular as a tiger reserve.A boat ride on the spendid periyar lake is the best way to experience the sanctuary.Here we can see herds of elephents,tiger,sambar,spotted deer etc.Trekking facility is another advantage of Thekkadi.

Things To Be Aware Of:

The paths and slopes are bound to be slippery,Beware of those blind turns and steep sides.


Important Phone Numbers :

Vagamon Diocese of Palai
Pin 685 503
Phone 04869248293.

The Forest Department
Phone: 232097/232247
Fax: 232096.

Important Phone Numbers :


Need Permission from Chief Conservator of Forests.

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