Nearest Towns:

Tellicherry,Thaliparamba, Payyannur and Kannur.

Location info: India->Kerala-->kannur District-->Pythal Mala.

Distances: 65Km from Kannur district, Kerala
Camping Sites: 6 kms trek to the top of the hills
Trek Length: Altitude of 4500 ft.

Route Info:

By road Kannur is 155 KMs south of Mangalore and 535 KMs north of Thiruvananthapuram.

Best Time To Visit:

November to May

Worst Time To Visit:


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Pythal Mala is located near the Sreekandapuram, Kerala-Karnataka border, 65Km from Kannur district, Kerala.It is a 6 kms trek to the top of the hills. This beautiful, calm hill station, is at an altitude of 4500 ft. above sea level.Abundant in flora and fauna, this place is now being developed as a hill resort. There is a proposal to set up a zoo at the top of the hill.The enchanting hill station offers a challenging trek to those inclined to stretch their legs. Trekkers are rewarded by a profusion of exotic flora and fauna and an exhilirating view from the top. The enchanting hill station offers a challenging trek to those inclined to stretch their legs. For the advantage of tourists, there is a base reception centre and a watchtower a top the cliff.

Things To Look for:

St Angelo Fort:

The Portuguese built St Angelo Fort in 1505 on the promontory northwest of town. It’s a peaceful place, and the tourist police here are happy to give you a guided tour. There is a good view of Kannur town and the ocean from the top.


At an altitude of 286 m Ezhimala has fascinating scultured stone pillars scattered all over the beach. There is also an ancient mosque on a hill nearby.

Ranipuram :

Situated 750 m above sea level, Ranipuram is famous for its trekking trails and varied vegetation - evergreen shoal woods, monsoon forests grasslands.

Pazhassi Dam:

Pazhassi Dam is located 37 km east of Kannur and It is an ideal retreat for tourists; the damsite is famous for its scenic beauty. the Pazhassi Dam is nestled amidst an idyllic and picturesque setting. The Pazhassi Dam is a popular tourist hangout.With an abundant water body present amidst ample greenery, Pazhassi quickly emerged to become one of the most favored tourist attractions cum picnic spot in the region.

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Need Permission from Forest Department.

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