Pattambi Mosque situated 61 kms from Palakkad, falls in the first week of February. About 70- 80 tuskers are lined up for the festival. Throngs of believers from all corners of the state attend this festival, which is held in memory of Aloor Valiya Pookunjkoya Thangal - a Muslim saint of South Malabar.

The town is illuminated brilliantly and a pageant replete with traditional musical ensembles like 'Panchavadyam' and 'Thayambaka' is taken out in the night. Various art forms get under way on the banks of the river Bharathappuzha where the Panchavadyam rises to a crescendo and the art forms take on a spectacular magnificence.The number of elephants participating in the procession are on the increase every year. The most fascinating aspect of the Pattambi Nercha is that all the people of Pattambi regardless of caste or creed join in the festivities. Even bus services are cancelled here on this day when the entire town is illuminated and in a festive mood.

Getting there:
Nearest railway station: Pattambi railway station is at a walkable distance from the mosque.
Nearest airport: Coimbatore, in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu about 55 km away from Palakkad.

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Address:Pattambi Mosque - The Venue of Pattambi Nercha Festival, Palakkad, Kerala
District: Palakkad
Nearest City: Palakkad
Best time to visit: First week of February


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Interesting things to Visit:

Palakkad Fort
Palakkad Travel GuidePalakkad Fort: The old granite fort situated in the very heart of Palakkad town is one of the best preserved in Kerala. It was built by Hyder Ali of Mysore in 1766. The fort was taken over and modified by the British in 1790. It is now preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Fantasy Park
(1400 - 2100 hrs on week days and 1100 - 2100 hrs on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays). Ph: 815122 815124 Entrance fee: Adults Rs. 20 Children Rs. 10. Separate charges for rides and computer games. Block tickets: Adults Rs. 80 Children Rs. 60

This place is noted for its monuments and historic ruins. The Siva Temple and the ruins of a mud fort near Thrithala on the Chalissery road are notable cultural monuments. The Kattilmadam Temple, a small granite Buddhist monument on the Pattambi-Guruvayoor road, is of great archaeological importance. It is believed to date back to the 9th/10th century AD. The Paakkanaar memorial, honouring the Pariah saint, stands near Thrithala Kuttanad road. This is also the native place of renowned writer and social reformer VT Bhattathiripad.

The town is known for its numerous places of worship and their colorful festivals. Durga Temple the Pooram at Chenakkathur the Nercha festival commemorating the Aulia.

Its claim to fame is the wildlife sanctuary that provides asylum to a rare variety of wild animals. There are innumerable dams and reservoirs in Perambikulam. You can enjoy a casual boat cruise in the Perambikulam reservoir. Lodging facilities are offered in Thellikkal and Elanthode and a tree-house in Thoonakkadavu.

Your next stopover in Palakkad travel can very well be this reserve forest. This forest exudes an enchanting beauty and the sight of the gorgeous cascading waterfall is simply breathtaking. Dhoni is also renowned for its farm house that nurtures hundreds of cattle of the Swiss variety.

The ancient temple here has some fine wood work and stone sculptures.

Popularly referred to as the Vrindavan of Kerala, this place is the perfect example of the beauty and grace that is manifest when the loftiness of the mountains blends harmoniously with the tranquility of the rivers. The verdant fields, the beds of flowers, the sparkling pools and the fountains enhance the appeal of the place. The fresh water aquarium, the snake park and the Children's park are the additional draws.

Killikkurissimangalam at Lakkidi is the birthplace of Kunchan Nambiar, the 18th century satirist and exponent of the Tullal (classical art form). The State Government has preserved the poet's house as a monument.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
Sprawled across 285 sq. km, the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is home to rare wild animals. Boating/cruising facilities are available at the Parambikulam Reservoir. The Rest Houses of the State Forest Department at Thoonakkadavu, Thellikkal and Anappady offer accommodation. A tree house in the reserve forest area in Thoonakkadavu has to be booked in advance. The oldest teak tree, kannimari is found here.

Kollengode or the abode of blacksmiths enshrines the pristine beauty of rural Palakkad. The Kollengode Palace, the Vishnu Temple and the poet P. Kunhiraman Nair Memorial are worth visiting. Seethakundu and Govindamalai hills near Kaachankurichi are ideal for adventurous trekkers.

Situated on the way to Nelliampathy, the Pothundy Reservoir Complex is a charming location for picnics and half-day trips.

This tiny village is the native place of the late Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar, the doyen of Carnatic music.

Silent Valley
Recently recognized as a national park, the silent Valley is the only remaining patch of evergreen forest in the Sahya Ranges. The Silent Valley spans an area of nine thousand hectares. One striking feature of the Valley is the presence of the massive wild tree of the Kattuaiying variety that is hollow from within and can fit approximately twelve people in it.

This picnic spot is the site of a dam across the river Gayathri that flows into the Bharathapuzha.

The reservoir at Siruvani was built for Tamil Nadu by the Kerala Government to meet the drinking water requirements of Coimbatore. The gateways on either side of the road across the dam are typical of the Kerala and Tamil architectural styles. Siruvani is also home to certain tribals like the Mudugars and Irulars.

Malampuzha Garden
This famous picnic spot, which comprises a dam and beautifully landscaped gardens, is situated on the lower hills of the Western Ghats. There are frequent buses to this place from Palakkad.

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Police Station:

Narashimapuram Police Station
Narashimapuram, Palakkad main road, Coimbatore, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Police Station
Mannarkkad, Palakkad, Kerala, India

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ESI Hospital
Palakkad, Palakkad, Kerala, India

Welcare Hospital
Palakkad, Palakkad, Kerala, India

Madhavi Amma Hospital
Sultanpet, Palakkad, Palakkad, Kerala, India

Karuna Hospital
Palakkad, Palakkad, Kerala, India

Trinity Eye Hospital
Stadium Byepass Road, Palakkad, Palakkad, Kerala, India

Sai Hospital
Olavakode, Palakkad, Palakkad, Kerala, India

Achutha Menon Hospital
Olavakode, Palakkad, Palakkad, Kerala, India

Kerala Nursing Home
Court Road, Palakkad, Palakkad, Kerala, India

Kerala Nursing Home
Palakkad, Palakkad, Kerala, India

Lakshmi Nursing Home
Kenathuparambu, Palakkad, Palakkad, Kerala, India

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