Pariyanampetta Bhagavathy Temple is located at Kattukulam, Palakkad district, Kerala.Pariyanampetta Pooram Festival is the most strikingly colorful and popular festival of Kerala. The festival has got its name from the city of Pariyanampetta or Trichur where the festival takes place and the word 'Pooram', which literally means 'a group or a meeting'. It is a belief among the people of Kerala that every year the gods and goddesses of the neighboring province meet each other for a day of celebration.Pooram, the concluding day of the festival, is marked by a ceremonial procession of 21 elephants. A seven-day annual festival is celebrated at the Pariyanampetta temple dedicated to Bhagavathy or the Goddess. The Pooram festival is marked by the traditional folk and classical musical performances like the Tholpavakoothu, Kalamezhuthupattu, Pootham, Thira, Karivela, Kaalavela, Kuthiravela, Kathakali, Chakyarkoothu.Sakthan Thampuran, the Raja of Kochi, introduced Pariyanampetta Pooram during his reign 1775- 1790 AD. According to Malayalam calendar, meeting of the Gods occurs in the month of spring, i.e., Malayalam Medam that occurs between April and May. The festival is being celebrated continuously for almost two centuries now. The festival begins at 6 in the morning, continues for nearly 36 hours and concludes at 12 noon the other day.

The Pooram concludes with brilliant display of the fireworks in the evening, which continues till late hours of the next morning. Some of the main Pooram celebrations are at Aratupuzha, Pariyanampetta, Uthralikavu, Cheeramkulangara, Pariyanampetta, Mannarkad, Perumanam, Aryankavu, Mangottu, Medamkulangara, Kodikal and Thirumandhamkunnu.These grandly caparisoned elephants are made to march through the streets while thousands of people gather to watch them and to seek blessings from them since the elephant is hailed as holy in Kerala.Also musical performances are performed before the deity to please him. The artists who get a chance to perform in a temple consider themselves very lucky and blessed to have recesived that rare honor.

Location info:

Address: Kattukulam, Palakkad district, Kerala, India
District: Palakkad district.
Nearest City: Coimbatore Madurai, Palakkad and Nelliyampathy.
Best time to visit: February.


Interesting things to do:

Watch the 21 elephants in the ceremonial procession and fireworks in the evening.


Interesting things to Visit:

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary:

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary Travel Sprawling over 285 sq.kms, this neighbouring sanctrary shelters the largest population of wild Gaur ( Bison) The Cannimare Teak Tree, said to be the largest in the Asian continent towers roughly 5kms away from Thunakadavu-the headquarters of Parambikulam.


Malampuzha has an aerial ropeway across the garden, a telescope tower, boating and fishing facilities, a swimming pool, fresh water aquarium and a snake park. Fantasy Park is a good spot for children. At Dhoni you can go on a 3-hour trek from the base of Dhoni Hills to the waterfall at the reserve forest area.

Jungles of Sahya Ranges:

These Sahya Ranges are famous for its evergreen forests.


Nelliyampathy has the highest peak at Nellikotta which is also called Padagiri. The hills dipped in the pristine beauty of nature are sprinkled with picturesque tea, coffee, cardamom, vegetable and orange plantations. The hills of Nelliyampathy are a delight to adventure lovers and trekkers.


Seethakundu offers a fantastic view of the valley below-a wide angled panoramic picture of about one third of Palakkad, as beautiful as the green Valleys of Kodaikkanal.

Nemmara Vela:

This ancient festival that is much awaited by the people of Nemmara and Valanghi, the famous "Nemmara Vallanghi vela", falls on the 20th day of “Meenam” in the Malayalam month (2nd or 3rd of April, every year).

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Police Station:

Karunya Nagar Police Station
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Tel:0422 2615701.

Thondamuthur Police Station
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Tel: 0422 2617258.

Police Station Vadavalli
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Tel:0422 2423100.

Police Station
Mannarkkad, Palakkad, Kerala
Tel: 0422 2498381.

Nearest Hospital:

Vikram Hospital And Ent Research Institute
Venkatasamy Rd, R.S. Puram,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Tel: 0422 2546387.

Mannarkad Homoeo Medical Centre
jj complex, old statebank building
t.s junction,, main road, mannarkkad
palakkad dt, mannarkkad
Kerala 678582
Tel: 09447630668.

Sree Abirami Hospital
Sundarapuram, 33
Madukkarai Road,Coimbatore
Tamil Nadu 641024
Tel: 0422 2672972.

Kogunad Hospitals (P) Ltd
Tatabad, 79, 11 Th St
Gandhi Puram, Coimbatore
Tamil nadu 641012
Tel: 0422 2494303.

Lakshmi Nursing Home
Palakkad, Kerala.

Madhavi Amma Hospital
Sultanpet, Palakkad

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