Nehru Trophy Boat Race is an annual event which is organized at the Punnamada Lake in Alappuzha district, Kerala. It is held every year on the second Saturday of August. Each village in the Kuttanad region enters a boat in the competition and the Boat Race is the occasion for a grand festival along the lake shore.The first boat race was held in 1952. It was an impromptu affair, held in honour of the Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s visit to the region. Snake boats or chundanvallams are native boats of Kerala. Visitors are encouraged to take part in the traditional Kathakali and theyyam performances. This is the occasion to sample the famous traditional Malayali cuisine - fresh sea food, appams, meat curries and more.The trophy is modeled on a snake boat made entirely in silver that is placed on a wooden platform on which the following words of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru are inscribed above his signature.Though it is a festival, the attraction about this is the sportive sprits among the participants of the race. Several Boat races are taking place in several parts of Kuttanad and other parts of Alappuzha. This trophy was named as Nehru Trophy was awarded to the winners of the boat race, which is a unique feature of community life and is gift to the people of Alappuzha.

The snake boats with 100 to 120 oarsmen plough the waters to the tune of the legendary songs. The spectacular races features magnificent snake boats or 'Chundans'. The boisterous and rhythmic boat songs or Vanchipattu work the spectators to a state of frenzy. So come and visit Alappuzha with the site Kerala Backwaters during the time when the Nehru Trophy boat race takes place. This adventure filled water sport is definitely worth a visit during your Kerala

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Address: Alappuzha city, Alappuzha district , Kerala, India
District: Alappuzha District.
Nearest City: Pazhaveedu, Kottayam and Kalavoor.
Best time to visit: August


In the year 1952, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru visited the erstwhile Travancore-Cochin. On his way to Alappuzha district from Kottayam he was given a roaring reception by the people of Alappuzha, escorted by the hugesnake-boats. Having gone through the tremendous excitement of sailing in a snake boat popularly known as Chundan he donated a rolling trophy to be awarded to the winner of the Snake Boat Races to be held every year.

Interesting things to do:

Watch the annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race,during the second Saturday of August, Punnamada Lake resort is best place for accomodation, You can see many boats and its great plessure to watch that festival.

Interesting things to Visit:

Alappuzha beach:

Alappuzha beach is one of the most popular beaches of Kerela located in the district of Alappuzha. The beach is located at roughly 5 kms from the Alappuzha railway station and has the Arabian Sea on the west and a large network of lakes, lagoons and several freshwater rivers intersection.


This is a seaside village replete with historical evidences in the shape of the remnants of an old Portuguese Fort and the churches that date back to the eighteenth century.


This place is noted for the shrines and temples that dot it. The most important temple is undoubtedly the Subramanya temple that is said to have been consecrated by the Sri Sankaracharya, the Hindu philosopher.


This clinches the title of being the best beach spot hands down.Feel the bracing cool breeze softly caressing you as you bask in the warm rays of the sun. This is also an ideal place for swimming.

Ambalappuzha ( Pilgrim Centre):

The Sri Krishna Temple at Ambalapuzha, 14 kms from Alleppey is among Kerala's more famous ones boasting of the typical temple architectural style of the state. It is equally famed for its palpayasam - a sweet milk porridge offered to the diety. The temple's main festival occurs in March/April. It was in this temple that the 16th century poet Kunjan Nambiar staged his first Ottan Thullal, a solo dance performance with high social content.

Vijay Beach Park:

This park is located on the beach itself and allows you to enjoy yourself in variety of ways. The park is run by District Promotion Council and pretty nice place for children to have fun.


The small village near Ambalapuzha is known for the black granite idol of Lord Buddha known as Karumadikuttan. The idol dates back to 9th or 10th century.


A short distance from Alappuzha is Punnapra, a village which has gone down in history as the scene of a bitter and heroic fighting between the communists and Travancore State Police during the Punnapra Vayalar Communist uprising of 1946.


Situated on the coast south of Alappuzha,12 Kms. from Alappuzha, it houses a quiet beach and has an adjoining fishing village. Pool, tennis, water sports and Ayurvedic treatments are the leisure time activities one can available of.

Pandavan Rock:

Pandavan Rock gets its name from the Pandavas of Mahabharata who stayed in a cave here during the time of their exile. Pandavan Para, also known as the Rock of the Pandavas is an ideal picnic spot. It takes walking to get to this location, but it is not a hard climb. Most people that are in good health can easily manage the climb. There are several vantage points with terrific views along the trail. The panoramic view that can be seen when you reach the rocky outcrop at the top is exceptional.

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Police Station:

Police Station
Marrarikulam Police Station
Alappuzha, Kerala- 0478 286239

Kuthiathode Police Station
NH 47, Kuthiathodu
Alappuzha, Keral.

Pulincunnoo Police Station
Alappuzha, Kerala.
Tel: 0477 2222222

Mavelikara Police Station
Alappuzha, Kerala.

Thrikkunnapuzha Police Station
Thattarambalam Thrikkunnapuzha Road
Alappuzha, Kerala.

Kayamkulam Police Station.
SH6, Kayankulam
Alappuzha, Kerala.

Nearest Hospital:

AncySibi Pandisserry House
Ramankary, Alappuzha
Kerala 689595
Tel: 09780892400.

KVM Kinder Hospital
Alappuzha, Kerala.

Government Hospital
Pulincunnoo, Alappuzha

Surya Hospital
Ambalapulai, Alappuzha

Ursula Hospital
Ambalapulai, Alappuzha

BKM Hospital
Ambalapulai, Alappuzha

Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital Pvt Ltd.
Alappuzha 13 Opp to Boat Jetty Thathampall
P.O. Karala, India.

Society/Community Phone Number

Phone : 0477 – 3209088 (O)
Tel: 9745187211.

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