Mujamkavu Parthasarathi Kshetram Temple is located at 4 km from the town of Kumbla, Ednad village, Kasorgod district, Kerala.The Mujamkavu Parthasarathi Kshetram Annual Festival is a festival whicis held at the Mujamkavu Parthasarathi Kshetram temple. On the occasion of the Mujamkavu Parthasarathi Kshetram Annual Festival, a large number of devotees assemble at the temple to offer their prayers to the lord. Many rituals and customs are religiously followed for a period of seven days. The devotees seek the blessings of the lord and worship for the well being and prosperity of all.Even though this annual festival lasts for a period of seven days, the day of "Thulava Sankraman" is considered to be the most important. On this day, the temple is thronged by the largest number of people whocome here for the holy bath or the "Theertha Snanam". The joy, the mirth and the exuberance of the people at the time of the celebration of this Hindu festival is really great. Based on their firm faith in the divine power of the lord, they participate wholeheartedly in the merry making and celebrations.They have a faith deep within their hearts that this holy water has the power to cure skin diseases. The healing power of the water draws people from far to this temple.Time for celebrating the Mujamkavu Parthasarathi Kshetram Annual Festival in KeralaThe Mujamkavu Parthasarathi Kshetram Annual Festival is held in the month of February and continues for a period of seven days.

Location info:

Address: Ednad village, Near Kumbala, Kasargod District, Kerala, India
District: Kasargod district
Nearest City: Kanhangad, kudlu, Mangalore, Kasargod Town and Thiruvallam
Best time to visit: February.


Interesting things to do:

Watch the Thulava Sankraman, and take a the holy bath or the "Theertha Snanam".

Interesting things to Visit:

Kumbala Sri Gopalakrishna Temple:

It is one of the oldest temples in Kerala and the presidingdeity here is God Gopalakrishna. He is worshipped at the Kumbala SreeGopalakrishna Temple with dedication and affection. The temple located in the GSB colony about 2 km from kumbla railway bridge and near to the kumbla river. The deities are installed on a three step simhasana or throne. The principal deity Veera Vittala is on the first step of the simhasana.

Bekal Fort:

Located 16 km south of Kasargod is Bekal Fort, the largest and best preserved fort in the entire Kerala. This enormous and circular structure is built with large block of laterite and its outer wall rises majestically from the sea to a height of 39 m. The fort is believed to have been built by a local Chieftain, Shivappa Nayak in the mid 16th century. The fort was occupied later on by the British after the defeat of Tipu Sultan.

Chandragiri Fort:

The Chandragiri Fort, on the banks of the Chandragiri River, is just 10 kms from Bekal. This 17th century fort is also a contribution of the Chieftain, Shivappa Nayak who had built it to defend the kingdom against the Vijayanagar rulers.It is an excellent sun set point.

Bekal hole Aqua park:

The direction north to the Bekal Fort is the Aqua Park. The Bekal Hole Aqua Park is just one kilometer away from the Bekal Fort. The Aqua Park is well known for its kind in north Malabar. The Aqua Park is unique and enjoyable as visitors can enjoy driving the water rides such as pedal boats and water cycles. Along with pedal boats, visitors can also enjoy their ride with several different light weighted canoes.

Ananthapura temple:

The Ananthapura temple is just five kilometers away from Kumbla. The Ananthapura temple is very familiar, as it is the only lake temple that has the Moolasthana of the Anantha Padmanabha Swami. The other major attraction of the Ananthapura temple is they can be visited by any group of visitors irrespective to caste, creed and religion. The house of worship is surrounded by a porch along the outside of a building called Chuttambalam. The temple has a small pond where water will stays with respect to seasonal changes.


Just 5 km away from Kanhangad town known as Madiyam Kovilakam Temple - dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali. The ancient temple has intricate wood carvings on Palazhimadhanam, Sitaswayamvaram and Dakshayagam. During the annual nine day festival of 'pattutsavam', various cultural and religious programmes are held.

Adoor Temple:

This temple is located in wooded surroundings on the southern banks of the River Payaswini, this ancient Siva Temple contains a Sanskrit inscription in Kannada script which has been ascribed to the Western Chalukya King Kirthivarman II (745 - 755 AD).

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Police Station:

Bekal police station
Bekal, Kerala.

Police station Kanhangad
Kanhangad, Kasaragod

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Anandashram Road
Kerala 671531

Care & Cure Hospital
Kasaragod, Kerala.

Malik Deenar Charitable Hospital
Kasaragod, Kerala.

Government Hospital
Kanhangad Kasaragod

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