Mannanpurathkavu is located at Nileshwar, Near Kasargod Town, Kerala.The Mannanpurathkavu Nileshwar is an exquisite temple in which the worship of the Goddess Durga is conducted in all earnestness.The temple premises remain full during the Fridays and the Tuesdays. For the worshippers, Fridays and Tuesdays are the most auspicious, so they prefer these days in order to pay homage to the Lord and get his blessings. This marvelous ceremony attracts tourists from across the globe. Another significant feature of this temple is the performance of the Kurathi which involves the sacrifice of the cocks. People from every nook and corner of the state participate in thesedevotional numbers to make it an elating experience. The other cultural performances include dance drama.Participation in the dance drama is open to all interested members and there is no hard and fast rule for the selection of the participants. Along with the religious festivals there is a Grand Four Ceremony that is performed here at the Mannanpurathkavu, Nileshwar temple. Kalasam is the annual fair that is held in Mannanpurathkavu, Nileshwar every year. This fair is held in May. The cultural ceremony known as Theyyam is also performed during the days of the fair.

Location info:

Address: Nileswar, Near Kasargod Town, Kasargod District, Kerala, India.
District: Kasargod District
Nearest City: Kanhangad, Kudlu, Mangalore,Thiruvallam and Kasargod
Best time to visit: May.


Interesting things to do:

Watch the temple is the performance of the Kurathi which involves the sacrifice of the cocks,Theyyam and annual fair.

Interesting things to Visit:

Royals of a Bygone Era:

There are some remaining royals of a bygone era With the wake of independence, the Maharajas and Rajas have been sent to obscurity but their palaces still remain. The maintaining of these palaces has now become an issue.

Bekal fort:

Bekal fort is the largest and the best-preserved fort in Kerala, lies in Pallikere, and its 16 Kms south of Kasaragod on the national highway at the northern tip of the state. The fort, a circular imposing structure of laterite rising 130 ft. above sea level, stands on a 35 acre headland that runs into the Arabian sea.
Bekal fort is one among them .It is a famous tourist place in Kerala the land of yoga and Ayur Veda.

Bekal Hole Aqua Park:

Bekal Hole Aqua Park is located near Valiyaparamba in Bekal. It is the perfect place water sport freaks who wish to chill out amidst an array of unique water sports.

Bekal Beach:

Bekal is a beach destination of the future. It has long palm-fringed beaches and a rocky headland topped by the huge Bekal fort. This beach is being developed a resort. But for now, you can still savour the touch of history as you view the serene Lakshadweep Sea from the tall observation towers of the fort's once huge cannon emplacements. Bekal Beach is situated at the northern tip of Kerala, Bekal is a beach destination of the future. It has long palm-fringed beaches and a rocky headland topped by the huge Bekal fort.

Hosdurg Beach:

Located 12 kms south of Bekal is the Hosdurg beach. It is home to the many marvelous forts in Kasargode District. The Hosdurg Fort built by the Ikkeri Nayaks in mid-16th century draws the closest attention of the visitors.

Ananthapura temple:

The Ananthapura temple is situated in the central part of a lake of the 31-km from Bekal at Ananthapura,Kasargod District, Kerala. The Ananthapura temple is just five kilometers away from Kumbla. The Ananthapura temple is very familiar, as it is the only lake temple that has the Moolasthana of the Anantha Padmanabha Swami.There is a crocodile pond here nearby. Every day at midday pooja time the crocodile surfaces from the pond to have its feed, which are cooked rice and other vegetable and fruits offered by the priests.


The Benkanakav is situated in the nerve centre of Nileshwar.Without any costly erection the 'kanhiram' tree with weapons of guligan and padinhare chamundeswari the premises of benkanakav gives devotion to thousands of devotees in and around kasaragod district. Devotees from Thulunadu to Valapatanam river gives respect to the kavu for its devotional power.

Chadayamangalam Baghavathi Temple:

Thi is filled with trees in the centre of the town becomes wonder to the tourists. The temples history is related to Mannan, a notorious figure, and his assassination by Mannampurath Baghavathi. The temple also tells the story of the migration of Nair families to Nileshwar from the South.

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Bekal police station
Bekal, Kerala.

Police Station
Sulya, Dakshina Kannada

Police Station
Puttur, Dakshina Kannada

Police Station
Ullal, Dakshina Kannada

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Malik Deenar Charitable Hospital
Kasaragod, Kasaragod

Government Hospital
Kasaragod, Kasaragod

Govt hospital
nileshwar, Kasaragod

Care & Cure Hospital
Kanhangad, Kasaragod

SK Hospital
Ullal, Dakshina Kannada

Sahara Hospital
Ullal, Dakshina Kannada

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