Malik Dinar Mosque is loacted Thalankara, Kasargod district, Kerala.Over the years, Kasargod acquired theconsiderable importance as a centre of Islam on the west coast. It isthe site of one of the mosques believed to have been founded by Malik Dinar. It contains the grave of Malik Ibn Mohammed, one of the descendants oMalik Ibn Dinar and the place is sacred to Muslims. Another notable mosque, in Kasaragod is the Theruvath Mosque which is in the centre ofthe town.An important local celebration takes place every year in commemoration of the arrival of Malik Ibn Dinar. The Uroos attract pilgrims from all over India.The festival of Urs (Uroos), commemorating the death anniversary of Ibn Dinar is held here, once every three years with great pomp and gaiety. On this occasion, thousands of devotees throng the premise of the mosque to pay homage to their revered saint. Religious speeches are held and food and clothes are distributed among the pilgrims.

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Address: Thalankara, Kasargod District, Kerala
District: Kasargod District
Nearest City: Kanhangad, Kudlu, Mangalore and Thiruvallam.
Best time to visit: On Uroos.


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See the Malik Dinar Mosque and Archietecture of that Mosque.

Interesting things to Visit:

Bekal Hole Aqua Park:

Bekal Hole Aqua Park is located near Valiyaparamba in Bekal. It is the perfect place water sport freaks who wish to chill out amidst an array of unique water sports.

Mapilathody Jama Masjid:

This masjid is very old and run by Ansarul Islam Committee. The reconstruction in the year 2005.

Bekal fort:

The longstanding and the most familiar Bekal fort is located in the Kerala, covering more than 40 acres. The excelling features of the Bekal fort are the tanks that hold a flight of steps and the tunnel entrancing towards the south. The Bekal fort is 300 years old above and it is conceived that they might have been constructed during the period of Sivappa Nayak in 1690's. Also, there is a belief that, the Bekal fort was initially constructed by the Kolathiri Rajas and further captivated by Sivappa Nayak.

Madhur Sreemad Anantheswara Vinayaka Temple:

The madhur Sreemad Anantheswara Temple is located 8 kilometers northeast of Kasaragod town on the banks of the Madhuvahini River. The main attractions in the temple are its unique three-tiered dome, copper-plated roofing and a cloistered court rises. This temple is dedicated to Mahaganapathi. The idol here made of alluvial soil. This idol was later installed in the temple and thats how the Madhur Mahalingeswara Temple (dedicated to Lord Siva) became Madhur Mahaganapathi Temple. It is one of the most important Ganapathy temples in South India. People from all over South India throng in to the temple during the time of festivals happen here. The temple offers Veda classes to young students.


Just 5 km away from Kanhangad town known as Madiyam Kovilakam Temple - dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali. The ancient temple has intricate wood carvings on Palazhimadhanam, Sitaswayamvaram and Dakshayagam. During the annual nine day festival of 'pattutsavam', various cultural and religious programmes are held.

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Police Station
bekal police station
Bekal, Kerala.

Police station Kanhangad
Kanhangad, Kasaragod

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Care & Cure Hospital
Kasaragod, Kerala.

Government Hospital
Kasaragod, Kerala

Anadashram Road
Kerala 671531.

Malik Deenar Charitable Hospital
Kasaragod, Kerala.

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