Champakkulam Boat Race is located Champakulam about 26 km from Alappuzha city, Alappuzha district, Kerala.Champakkulam boat race is the first in the list of all boat races that are held in Kerala. Champakulam Boat Race is held every year at the Champakulam Lake in Alappuzha, Kerala.It is held according to the Malayalam calendar. Usually, it is held on Moolam Vallamkali. Moolam signifies a Malayalam star or Nakshathram of the month Mithunam. In Kerala, Champakkulam boat race is held on the river Pampa. It is regarded as the oldest in all boat races. Since it is the most popular of all boat races, the turn over of people who come to witness the event is huge. The day of the installation of the deity at the Sree Krishna Temple at Ambalappuzha. Celebrating that moment, the whole procession is enacted every year with the same enthusiasm. A line of boats festooned with colourful parasols and performing arts delights the spectators before the Champakulam Boat Race. After that, a proper race is organized in various stages for different categories of boats. The song of the oarsmen, the Vanchipattu, and the breathtaking Chundanvallom race are the other attractions of the event.The festivities include spectacular water floats, decorated boats, Vanchipattu, the song of the oarsmen and the most thrilling Chundanvallom race. Chundans are a type of boat, which are over 100 feet in length with raised prows. The festivities includes the decorated boats which measures about 100 feet in length, the colorful riders, occupying their systematic position and holding the fluttering flags. The boat race continues with the song of the oarsmen, the Vanchipattu and the most most thrilling Chundanvallom race. Each boat connects the other with the festooned colorful parasols and spectators receives the delightful performing arts in its every stroke.

In the boat races, a boat is manned by four helmsmen, 25 singers and 100 - 125 oarsmen who row in unison to the fast rhythm of the vanchipattu (song of the boatman).Every year this boat race draws a large number of tourists from all over the world, too. Champakulam boat race along with the other boat races form an integral part of Kerala's rich tradition of folk arts.

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Address: Champakulam, Alappuzha district , kerala, India
District: Alappuzha District.
Nearest City: Pazhaveedu,Cherthala, Ambalapuzha and Kuttanad
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Champakulam boat race is submerged with the age-old myths and reality. It is believed that the event first took place in 1545 AD, when the King of Chempakasseri, Pooradam Thirunal Devanarayanan was pleased with the love and affection shown to him by his Christian subjects. The story revolves around days of yore, when the King was instructed by a royal priest to build a temple at Ambalappuzha. In order to install a sacred idol of Lord Krishna, kept at the Karikulam temple in Kurichi, the King's minister went there and on their return journey, boats of the entire area accompanied the idol in colorful, ceremonial procession through the lake to the temple. It is also believed that the idol have been given to Arjuna by Lord Krishna.

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Watch the Champakulam Lake, where the Boat race is held and also in river Pampa. Liaten to the song of the oarsmen, the Vanchipattu, watch the boat of length of 100 mts.

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Champakulam Church:

The St. Mary's Church is believed to be one of the seven established by St. Thomas . The annual feast at this church falls on the 3rd Sunday of October every year. The feast of St. Joseph is celebrated on March 19th. It is one of the oldest churches in Kerala.


Pulincunnu is an island village in Alappuzha district in the Indian state of Kerala.[1]Pulincunnu is located in the Kuttanad taluk and region of Alappuzha District.

Backwater Cruise:

View the landscape beauty , monuments, temples,churches and industries of Alappuzha by cruising through its rivers,canals and backwaters.The starting point is from Alleppey and the finishing point is at Jetty .


The small village near Ambalapuzha is known for the black granite idol of Lord Buddha known as Karumadikuttan. The idol dates back to 9th or 10th century.

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Police Station:

Nedumudy Police Station
Alappuzha, Kerala.

Pulincunnoo Police Station
Alappuzha, Kerala
Tel: 0477 2222222.

Ambalapuzha Police Station
Ambalapulai, Kerala.

Thrikkunnapuzha Police Station
Thrikkunnapuzha Road, Kerala.

Marrarikulam Police Station
Alappuzha, Kerala
Tel: 0478 2862391.

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AncySibi Pandisserry House
Ramankary, Alappuzha
Kerala 689595
Tel: 09780892400.

Central Research Institute For Homeopathy
Chethipuzha Kurichy Road.

Surya Hospital
Ambalapulai, Kerala.

BKM Hospital
Ambalapulai, Kerala.

Lourd Matha Hospital
Pacha, Chekkidikadu
SH 12, Kerala 689573.

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