The Malabar coastal region and the third largest city in Kerala, Kozhikode formerly called Calicut, is situated on the northern part of the state. Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, is a city in the southern Indian state of Kerala. It is the third largest city in Kerala and the headquarters of Kozhikode district. During the Middle Ages, Calicut was dubbed the "City of Spices" for its role as the major trading point of eastern spices.Having great cultural traditions and jargon of its own, the city is a major trading center for spices and tiles and sometimes known as the 'land of spices'. The name Kozhikode is derived from the words Koyil (palace) and Kodu ( fortified). The city found its place in world history when Portuguese navigator Vasco De Gama discovered this as a sea route to India in 1498. Kozhikode is know by various names; Arabs called it Kalikat and Chinese Kalifo. During the conquest of Malabar, Tippu Sulthan tried to change the name of the city to Ferozabad. The city is popular for its Kozhikodan Halwas, a sweet dish made by flour and jaggery and the traditional Muslim food especially seafood cuisines made out of prawns, crabs, lobster and shell creature known as kallummekkaya or kadukka. Today, ancient monuments,Mananchira Square,serene beaches, historic sites, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, hills, a unique culture and a warm, friendly ambience make Kozhikode a much sought after destination.

Basking in the idyllic setting of the serene Arabian Sea on the west and the proud peaks of the Wayanad hills on the east, this district with the serene beaches, lush green countryside, historic sites, all combine to make Kozhikode a popular tourist destination filled with a warm ambience to fascinate a visitorInnumerable versions of how Kozhikode acquired its name abound among the local populace. According to one such version, the place got its name from “Cock Fort” (the land where the cock crows). Another version says that Kozhikode derived its name from Koyil Kotu or Kotta, which means a fortified palace.

Kozhikode has a population of 436,556 as per 2001 census, with an extended metropolitan population of about 0.9 million, making it the third largest urban agglomeration and the third largest city in Kerala. According to data compiled by economics research firm Indicus Analytics on residences, earnings and investments, Kozhikode ranked as the second best city in India to reside in. Indicus considered six parameters – health, education, environment, safety, public facilities and entertainment – for preparing their 'reside-in' index of liveability.Kozhikode city continues to be a centre of flourishing domestic and international trade. Its contribution to all round development of the district in trade, commerce and economic development over the years is spectacular. Kozhikode city is the marketing centre for commodities like pepper coconut, coffee, rubber, lemon grass oil etc., produced in Kozhikode and the neighbouring districts of Wayanad, Malappuram and Kannur.

Location info:

Kozhikode formerly called Calicut, is situated on the northern part of the state


The district has a humid climate with a very hot season extending from March to May. The most important rainy season is during the South West Monsoon, which sets in the first week of June and extends up to September. The North East Monsoon extends from the second half of October through November. The average annual rainfall is 3266 mm

History of Kozhikode City(Calicut):

Kozhikode District found a place in the World History with the discovery of Sea Route to India in 1498 by the Portuguese Navigator Vasco Da Gama. Vasco Da Gama landed at the Kappad sea shore with three vessels and 170 men. A monument is constucted here to commemorate the historical landing.

Educational Institutions Kozhikode City(Calicut):

Calicut Medical College Canteen
Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala

Dental College
SH 24, Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala0495 2356781

Govt. Law College
NH 212, Vellimadukunnu, Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala

Nirmala Hospital And Nursing College
NH 212, Vellimadukunnu, Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala

Malabar Christian College
Christian College Cross Road, Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala

Government Arts & Science CollegeMeenchanda 1 review
Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala

MES Womens college
Zilla Bungalow Road, Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala

Government Engineering College Kozhikode
West Hill, Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala

Govt. Homeopathic Medical College
Karapparambu, KOzhikode Balussery Road, Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala

Govt. Engineering College Temporary Block
Valakkettunilam Road, West Hill, Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala

Christ Hall Jesuit Training College
NH212, Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala

Med.College Campus GHSS
Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala State

Medical College Helipad
Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala

Calicut Medical College
Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala

St Joseph's College Devagiri
Kozhikode, Kerala State 6730080495 2355901

Manappuram -Medical College
SH 24, Kozhikode, Kerala 673008049 53224848

Zamorin's Guruvayurappan College 1 review
Guruvayurappan College Road, Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala

KMCT College of Engineering
Kozhikode, Kerala0495 2295395

AWH Engineering College
Kozhikode, Kerala

Janatha Arts College
AtholiKuttiyadi Road, Purakkattiri, Kozhikode, Kerala State


The local language spoken here is Malayalam the mother tongue of the people of Kerala known as keralites or Malayalees


In the field of Malayalam language and literature, Kozhikode has made many significant contributions. The district is famous for folk songs or ballads known as Vadakkan Pattukal. The most popular songs among them are those which celebrate the exploits of Thacholi Othenan and Unniyarcha. One of the favourite past times of the Muslims of the district is singing Mappila pattu and Oppana. The songs are composed in a composite language of Arabic and Malayalam. The famous intellectual debate for Vedic scholars to win the coveted position of Pattathanam takes place at Thali temple during the month of Thulam. Kozhikode also has strong associations with ghazals and football.

Kozhikode offers fare to suit every palate. Vegetarian fare includes the sadya. The non-vegetarian food offered in the city is a unique mix of Muslim and Hindu preparations. Some popular dishes include the Biriyani, ghee rice with meat curry, seafood (prawns, mussels, mackerel) and paper-thin Pathiris to provide accompaniment to spicy gravy. Another well-known Kozhikode specialty is banana chips, which are made crisp and wafer-thin. The 'Kozhikode Halwa' is very popular, even overseas.

How to reach Kozhikode City(Calicut)?

Nearest Railway Station:Kozhikode is served by a handful of costal expresses and several passenger trains.
Nearest Airport: Kozhikode has an airport at Karipur.
Road Transport:The KSRTC buses ply regularly to Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Ooty, Madurai, Coimbatore, Pondicherry, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur, Palakkad, Kannur Alappuzha, Kochi and Kottayam. NH 17 connects Kozhikode to Kannur, Kasaraod, Mangalore, Panjim and Mumbai. Tourists prefer taking the bus route to Ooty and Mysore due to the breathtaking views presented as the bus ascends the Western Ghats.

Tourist Attraction of Kozhikode City(Calicut)

Krishna Menon Museum:
Krishna Menon Museum situated at East Hill is five km by bus from the Railway station / city bus station. Lying adjacent to pazhassi raja Museum, a storehouse of knowledge

Tusharagiri Waterfalls:
As the name suggests, land and water have struck an extraordinary kinship at Thusharagiri (mist capped peaks). The plantation destination that abounds in rubber, arecanut, pepper, ginger and spices, is also a trekker’s delight.

Tali Temple:
Built in the 14th century by Swamy Thirumulpad, the Zamorin, within his palace complex, this temple was the venue of Revathy Pattathanam, the annual cultural and intellectual event.

Malabar Houseboats:
For luxury boating and exploring pristine back waters of Calicut (Kozhikode), House Boats can be availed. The novel concept and excellent hospitality in this floating palace is worth enjoying, with family and friends.

Pazhassiraja Museum:
A veritable treasure trove for historians and connoisseurs of art, the Pazhassiraja Museum is located in Kozhikode - the land of spices, which lured navigators from time immemorial down to the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama in 1498.

Kozhippara Water Falls
Ideal location for trekking and swimming ,with river side forests ,situated in Kakkadampoyil on the Malappuram -Calicut District border,can reach there by road.

Pazhassiraja Museum
copies of ancient mural paintings, antique bronzes, coins, temple models and megalithic monuments.

A city on bank of Kuttiyadi river, famous 1500 year old Lokanarkavu Bhagavathi Temple, rock cut caves with murals and carvings.

Dolphin point:
Here one can see in the early hours of the morning dolphins playing in the sea. The beach, 2 km from Calicut (Kozhikode) town centre is along stretch of tree lined sand popular with the local people because of the Lions Club park, the Light House and the two piers - and, of course, the opportunity to enjoy in the evening breeze.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary:
The sanctuary at Kadalundi is a Haven for migratory birds. Terns, Gulls, Herons, Sand pipers, Whim brels .Other such migratory birds flock from the month of November and returns only by the end of April. It is 25 kms. from Kozhikode.

Famous for trekking tracks, with waterfall, evergreen dense forests with exotic birds and wild animals on the way.

Tali Temple
14th century temple build by Swami Thirumulpad, the Zamorian.

Beypore, one of the prominent ports and fishing harbours of ancient Kerala, was an important trade and maritime centre Beypore was much sought after by merchants from Western Asia for its ship building industry.

S M Street:
Sweet Meat Street is the busiest street in Calicut (Kozhikode) and derives its name from the times when the street was lined with sweetmeat stalls. Kozhikode is famous for its 'Halwa' and Sweets.

Kappad Beach:
For the people of Calicut (Kozhikode), this pleasant stretch of rock studded beach is Kappakkadavu. To the tourist it is one of the most charming of Kerala's beaches. Kappad finds mention in history and geography texts as the gateway to the Malabar Coast.

Hotels/Lodge/Accommodation in Kozhikode City(Calicut):

Fortune Hotel Calicut Rated 2.4 out of 5.0 47
Kannur Road, 673006 - 049 5276 8888

Hotel Asma Tower
NH 17, Kozhikode, Kerala 673004 - 09847611275

The Gateway Hotel Beach Road Rated 3.4 out of 5.0 33
P.T.Usha Road Kerela, 673032 - 0495 2765354

Hotel Kadavu Resort 25
NH 17 Calicut Bye Pass Road, Post Office Feroke College, Calicut, 673 632 - 0483 2830023

Malabar Palace
Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala - 0495 2721511

Beach Hotel
, Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala

Taj Residency Hotel
PT Usha Rd, Kozhikode, Kerala 673032 - 0495 2765354

Beach Heritage Inn Hotel Rated 3.2 out of 5.0 6
Beach Rd, Kozhikode, Kerala 673 032 - 0495 2365363

Sagar Hotel
NH 17, Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala - 0495 2720152

Hotel Alakapuri
MM Ali Road, Calicut, Kozhikode, Kerala - 0495 2723451

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Beypore Beach
Beypore Beach Located about 10 kms south of Kozhikode town at the mouth of the Chaliyar River, is Beypore beach,Kozhikode District, Beypore, is a beautiful expanse of vast land and turquoise blue sea. Nature will embrace you in its arms on the calm shore shores of this beach. The endless Arabian Sea laps at your feet as you stand on the soft sands watching the sunset. The Kozhikode Beypore Beach is a commercial center for ship building and has existed here for more than 1000 years. This boatyard is famous for making a distinctive ship vessel known as 'Uru'. The Beypore Beach in Kerala is a must visit if you want to enjoy the calm and tranquil environment as well as take a look at how the ancient business of ship business is thriving even today.....more
Kappad Beach
Kappad Beach is Located at a distance of 16 km from the Kozikode town, the Kappad beach is wrapped in a sheet of history. Uncover it to know that this was the land where the famous Portuguese sailor, Vasco da Gama set his feet in the year 1498 along with 170 men. This marked the beginning of a new era and new relationship between the Indians and the Portuguese which lasted for 4 to 5 centuries later.Kappad is where Vasco da Gama is believed to have landed in 1498 with 170 sailors. The beach is gentle and partly. For the ultimate beach experience, plan your holiday at the Kappad Beach Resort. Set amidst pleasant surroundings, the resort is the ideal place where one can combine relaxation with rejuvenating Ayurveda therapies.Kappad Beach Resort's circular restaurant specialises in the regional cuisine of North Malabar. Eat your fill of fresh seafood.....more
Chaliyar River
Chaliyar River is 10 kms south of Kozhikode town, Kerala.It is also popular as the Beypore river, can conveniently form a major river of the state. It boasts of its origination from the Ilambalari hills in Gudalur Taluk of the Nilagiri district in Tamil Nadu. Its important tributaries comprise of Chalipuzha, Punnapuzha, Pandiyar, Karimpuzha, Vadapurampuzha, Iringipuzha and Iruthilpuzha. It is an inter-state river covering an area of 2923 sq. kms, of which 2535 sq kms lie in Kerala. The length of this river is 169 kms. The river cascades merrily through Nilambur, Mambad, Edavanna, Areacode, Vazhakkad in Malappuram district and Feroke in Kozhikode district to join the Arabian Sea near Beypore. Thus the river gets the names Chaliyar and Beyporepuzha. Chaliyar and Feroke Bridge.....more
Kozhikode District Backwater
The backwaters of Kozhikode are Unexplored,unspoiled, the backwaters of Kozhikode hold great promises of enchanting holiday options. Elathur , the Canoil Canal and the Kallai river are favourite destinations for boating , Kadalundi with its beautiful bird sanctuary is a charming site. Korapuzha , the venue of the Korapuzha Jalotsavam is fast becoming a populat watersport destination.The Kozhikode backwaters are a promise to the tourist; the promise of a holiday on historic lands, on serene waters, with a view of the plush blue green landscape and the exotic flora and fauna of the region. .....more
Pazhassiraja Museum
Pazhassiraja Museum and Art Gallery is situated about 5 km from Kozhikode town at East Hill, Kozhikode district, north Kerala. It has been named after the famous Pazhassiraja Kerala Varma of the Kottayam royal family. Pazhassiraja led the famous 'Pazhassi Revolt' against the East India Company during the 1700's. Pazhassiraja was nicknamed the Lion of Kerala and is also accredited with starting guerilla war in the hills of Wayanad to give a blow to the unbearable British rule. An absolute treasure trove for historians and connoisseurs of art, the Pazhassiraja Museum is located in the land of spices, which lured navigators from time immemorial. The Art Gallery adjacent to the museum displays the paintings of Kerala's esteemed artists, Raja Ravi Varma, whose works brought international repute to the State.....more
Kallayi River
The Kallai river has its origin from Cherukulathur village, Kozhikode District, Kerala and is connected to the Chaliyar on the south by a man-made canal. The river passes through Cherukulathur, Kovur, Olavanna, Manava and Kallai before finally joining the Arabian Sea at Kozhikode. The length of the river is 22 kms. and it has a drainage area of 96 sq. kms, it forms an important river taking into consideration the commercialization part. Kallai, situated on the banks of the river, is the core centre of timber trade Though small in size, the Kallai is one of the most important rivers in the entire State from the commercial point of view. Kallai, a main centre of timber trade, is situated on its banks.....more
Korapuzha River
Korapuzha River is one of the famous rivers of India and it is situated 16km from Kozhikode, this river is known for its cleanliness and pureness. This riveris filled with natural inhabitants and many other things. People love its stillness that calms the mood, mind and body.Korapuzha also known as Elathur River is a short river of 40 km , with a drainage area of 624 km .There is heavy boat traffic over the last 25 km of its course. It is formed by the confluence of two streams, Agalapuzha and Punnoorpuzha which originate in the mountains of Wayanad district. The Korapuzha empties into the Arabian Sea at Elathur. It forms part of the West Coast Inland Navigation System. The Korapuzha is generally considered as the boundary between the North Malabar and South Malabar in the erstwhile district of Malabar.....more
Kuttiyadi River
Kuttiadi river originates from Narikotta ranges in the Western Ghats, at an elevation of 1220 m above MSL and joins the Arabian Sea at Kottackal, after traversing 74 km across the State.This river flows through Vadakara, Koyilandy and Kozhikode taluks. It empties into the Arabian Seal at the historical kottakkal fort, 7 kms, South of Vadakara. This river has a length of 74kms.It passes through Oorakuzhi, Kuttiadyl, Tiruvallur, Muyipoth, Maniyur and Karuvancheri. A storage dam built across the Kuttiadi River at Peruvannamuzhi is the nearby attraction. And along with its tributaries it flows through an area of 583 sq.kms. The Onipuzha, the Thottilpalam puzha, the Kadiyangad puzha, the Vamathil puzha and the Madapalli puzha are the major tributaries of Murad river.....more
Lokanarkavu Bhagvathi Temple
Lokanarkavu Bhagavathi Temple is situated at Memunda, around 5 km from Vadakara, Kozhikode district. The temple is dedicated to goddess Durga. It also has two adjacent shrines dedicated to Vishnu and Shiva. There are three rock cut caves in the temple premises which are artfully engraved with beautiful carvings and fascinating murals.Lokanarkavu is a short form of Lokamalayarkavu which means lokam made of mala, aaru and kavu. It is the official family temple of the five hundres Nagariks who had migrated to kerala and their successors.....more
Thusharagiri Waterfall
Thusharagiri Falls which is 50kms east of Kozhikode in Kerala is the best holiday destination of Thusharagiri, a small tribal village. Two streams originating from the verdant Western Ghats converge here to form the River Challipuzha. The gushing river diverges into three waterfalls, throwing up a fine snowy spray of water giving it a snowy effect. Thus the name ' ‘Thusharagiri', which means 'snowy peak'.Trekkers alert: Get an early morning start from the second waterfalls in the hills. The air is invigorating. Pick your way through the dense evergreen forests full of exotic birds and fauna and time your arrival to be at Vythiri by evening.If you are in the mood for some challenging trekking and rock-climbing through shallow streams, river paths and numerous waterfalls, head for this region. You see Nature here in all her glory......more